Snake In The Grass

Have you ever met someone and just had a bad feeling about them from the start. Maybe it was that you didn’t trust them, maybe you just didn’t hit it off, or maybe there was just this something that hit you wrong? I’m pretty good at getting the character of people…and the first time I remember seeing Susan Rice, I felt to myself, there is a woman that is a snake in the grass.

It was when she was on TV right after the Benghazi tragedy. I was watching Fox News Sunday and saw her…I usually DVR’ed the various talking head shows on Sunday, and as I flipped through the rest of them, I saw her again and again…a total of like four times, saying the same thing. She was adamant that the Benghazi attacks on our consulate was because of some internet video. I went to the internet to try and find the video and couldn’t. But it struck me that this person was lying through her teeth.

I had the same feeling when she was testifying to become the ambassador to the United Nations. I thought she was unqualified, and it would be a disaster to have someone of such poor moral character representing the United States to the world. Thank God she wasn’t confirmed!

And now we find out that the same Susan Rice had gone before the national security folks and “unmasked” members of the Trump organization during the campaign as having ties to Russia. Actually, we don’t know what those “ties” were, but they were swept up in phone conversations the NSA typically picks up when you are talking to folks from other countries. Rice claims she was well within her bounds as national security advisor to Bobo Obama, to order the documents. That may well be, if she was doing it for national security reasons. If, however, she is doing it, as I suspect, for political reasons, she has committed a federal crime and should be spending some time in jail.

Somehow I’m not surprised by all of this. I can’t believe that the president of the United States, ANY president of the United States would employ a person of such poor moral character as Susan Rice. I can’t believe she ever got a job as a US District Attorney! And now her legal problems start up again. This time, she can’t claim that she was just doing what her boss told her to do. There are plenty of records that point to the fact that SHE was the one that initiated this whole Russia thing, and SHE was the one that did it so she could “catch” Trump’s folks. What she did was nail Michael Flynn, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as he turned out to be a liar, but she also very possibly broke the law in doing so. That has to be dealt with.

You know…I had the same feeling about one other person in the Obama administration. And it wasn’t Bobo…it was Hillary Clinton. Hmmm….

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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