And Now Bill Maher And I Agree???

To be honest with you, TV talk show host, Bill Maher and I have very little in common. First off, he’s an ass…I’m a nice guy. He’s not very smart, I know I’m MUCH smarter than he is. He’s got a MUCH smaller audience watching HBO than I ever had when I was on the radio…and it shows. But Bill Maher and I have one thing in common. We both think Hillary Clinton should wake up to the fact she’s toast and she should leave the political spectrum.

Well, Bill Maher put it this way…“But the other side of it is, Hillary, stay in the woods. Okay. You had your shot. You f*cked it up. You’re Bill Buckner. We had the World Series, and you let the grounder go through your legs. Let someone else have the chance. This to me — the fact that she’s come back, it just verifies every bad thing anyone’s ever thought about the Clintons, that it’s all about them. Let some of the other shorter trees get a little sunlight.”

Geesh…I’m either getting liberal in my old age or some of these guys are actually getting a modicum of intelligence! Maher hit the nail on the head, and even used a very apt sports analogy to make his point. Hillary Clinton IS Bill Buckner (Buckner let the Boston Red Sox fans down against the New York Mets when he let an easy grounder go through his legs…it cost the Red Sox the World Series).

And actually, it’s the liberal’s real cause of all of their angst. I think in their heart of hearts, they realize they have no one left on the bench. They put someone into the ballgame that they now realize had no business even having a uniform. Hillary Clinton was not a politician, she was a politician’s wife. She had no political savvy what-so-ever, and had no experience except what Bill decided to share with her. She was as much of a political neophyte as you or me, and had absolutely no reason to think she could one day be president of the United States. She has been, as has been shown ad nauseum, a loser. She lost when she was an attorney right out of college. She lost at Rose Law Firm (the only reason she made partner was because of who she was married to, and his job at the time). She lost in the US Senate, where she wrote two laws, both of whom named highways and bridges after someone. She lost as Secretary of State, as we are reminded of almost on a daily basis, and of course, she lost not once, but twice trying to become the first female president…the first time to a much smarter and superior political foe in Barack Obama, and the second time to a neophyte political opponent in Donald Trump, who she probably should have creamed, but didn’t because of her inexperience.

No, Bill Maher was right for a change. It’s about the only time in his career I think he is right. It’s all about the Clinton’s and no one else, and Hillary needs to go back to the woods. I don’t know…maybe Jimmy Carter needs help building houses?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “And Now Bill Maher And I Agree???

  1. I am glad that other people feel that way too. I had on a Hillary for Prison T-Shirt in Sams Club and the cashier wanted to know why I think Hillary should be in prison. I asked her if she is unaware of the theft of the Haiti emergency funds, and she looked at me blankly, i was sure she would know about that. Then, I said well what about Benghazi? And another blank look. I realized that she had voted for Hillary, only because Hillary alleges to be female….

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  3. If Hillary had not alienated smokers with her “No Smoking In The White House” rule and her plan to force smokers to pay for the health care of nonsmokers’ children with her SCHIP $1/pack and 2,000% tax increase per ounce on rolling tobacco — she would almost certainly be President today.

    Smokers also likely tipped the scale on Brexit despite the UK’s own high taxes and strong early push on the pub ban: Smokers hope those things can ultimately be corrected on the UK level but felt helpless trying to fight them on the EU level.

    The only way minority groups have gotten respected by politicians in the past was through the ultimate threat of their voice at the polls. If we make the power the wielded in these elections more widely known, we may see some changes out there. Discontent is something that is NEVER wanted by an incumbent politician: it makes it more likely that he or she will lose out in the next election.

    – MJM, a smoker AND a voter…

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