Melania In New York??? Really???

My OCD must be going crazy right now. As you know, I’m a consistency freak. I really hate it when people say one thing for one cause or person, and totally change their mind when the same situation (or a similar one) crops up for another cause or person. An example would be the Wicked Witch of the West, Nancy Pelosi. When she was trying to get Obamacare passed, she told us, “We have to pass the bill in order to see what’s in the bill.” But then again, when the GOP was trying to pass a bill that would have chopped hers to ribbons, the mood changed to, “When are they going to allow us to read the bill?” Can you see how crazy it makes people?

Well, it’s happening again, and frankly, though a little bit of a stretch, I find it appalling. A group calling itself is getting petitions online trying to get Melania Trump to either move out of Trump Tower and move to the White House, or at the very least stop charging the taxpayers for her Secret Service protection. Now, when you listen to the liberal media (this one came from, they are touting the fact they’ve actually had 230,000 people sign their petition! Wow! Let’s see…230,000 people out of 325,000,000 means that a whopping 0.07% of the population have actually signed it! And why am I talking about consistency?

It’s very simple. Melania Trump is costing the government between $10-$20 million per month for the additional Secret Service detail at Trump Tower (which seems like a lot, I know, but we’ll use it). Michelle Obama spent over $527,000,000 in the eight years that she was in the White House taking herself and her two daughters to luxurious vacations all over the world. At that rate, Melania would have to stay cooped up in the penthouse at Trump Tower between 26 and 52 months, depending on which figure you use. And yet, I didn’t hear any of these idiots at talking to us about how much money Michelle Obama was spending on her vacations!

You see my point here, obviously. It’s ok when the liberal idiots on the left spend the “upper 1%’s” money on frivolity. When the right spends money for protection, it’s outrageous and too much money for the American taxpayer. Let’s get real here shall we?

Now, you need to take out the $13 million/year that Obama is costing the American taxpayer for HIS Secret Service protection (which granted is only about a month’s worth of Melania’s extra expense), and add to that all of the perks Obama gets for being a “past-president”…and you can see he’s still draining the pocketbooks of America’s taxpayer…and probably will until he and his entire family are long dead.

That’s the problem with the left. They are hell-bent on showing us why the right is all out of focus with society, and that’s fine, as long as the microscope doesn’t shine it’s light on them. THAT is called inconsistency…and THAT is what liberals are best at!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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