Trump Wins Back Gravitas

Think back for a few minutes to when Syria was claiming they didn’t poison their own people with chemical weapons, and all of the evidence was pointing to the fact they were. Remember what the then-president said? He said something, and I’m paraphrasing here, that “If they used chemical weapons, that’s a game changer. That would cross the red line in the sand.” And then of course, it came out with proof that Syria had indeed used chemical weapons. So what did the then-president do?


He sat on his hands and did absolutely nothing. He let the Russians of all people go in to their buddy, Assad, and ask him to remove the chemical weapons from his stockpile…which he said he did. And of course, Obama came out unscathed without having to get into a nasty war in Syria which he was totally against, even if it was justified…being the girly man that he was.

Fast forward to today. There is again proof that Syria is once again using chemical weapons against its own people in its civil war. There is an especially gruesome picture that happens to make its way to now-president Donald Trump’s desk. What does he do? Does he threaten? Does he draw meaningless lines in the sand? Does he sit on his hands and hope that Russia will come to his aid so he doesn’t have to make a decision?


Donald Trump shows the world that you’re not going to screw with him. He sends in cruise missiles to take out an air base. He did it with the warning that this was the opening shot and if it continues, the damage from the United States would be compounded several times over. Now, Bobo is probably losing sleep over this because it means pissing off another country, and that was something he just didn’t have the Cajon’s to do. But Donald Trump is not Bobo Obama (thank God!). He doesn’t make threats only to never carry them out. He does what he says…or at least that has been his modus operandi so far.

And this is what happened in the aftermath. The Middle Eastern nations, with the understandable exception of Syria and Iran applauded Trump’s move. The Russians were semi-upset, but according to people that understand their statements a whole lot more than I do, they said the response was very measured and not at all threatening to the US. The world has gained some respect for America again. And it’s all because someone had the guts and the fortitude to stand up and say that they weren’t going to allow this to happen, and here’s a taste of what will happen if you do.

Can I get upset about that? Nope. Not a bit. In fact, unless you’re Russia, China, Syria, or Iran, I doubt you can get upset about it either. In fact, most Democrats in congress were actually applauding Trump’s move. Now, they said that if it continues, they want to be apprised of the situation and have the ability to “declare war” if necessary…that’s fine…that’s their job. But overall? It cleared both sides of the aisle, with the exception of Rand Paul who is against going after anybody. But then he’s probably more of a girly-man than Bobo Obama ever was.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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