Hillary….on Hillary


Hillary Clinton finally has it figured out. It’s only taken her five months, but she has nailed it down. She knows now why she lost to a neophyte politician that probably couldn’t have won a seat on his own city council. She’s positive. She IS after all…Hillary Clinton!

And you’re not going to believe the answer.

She has four reasons why she lost the election in November to Donald Trump. The first thing? Russian Meddling in American politics. That was the biggest thing. Not that Russia did anything to sway voters. They didn’t cram ballot boxes for one candidate, like they did in inner city Detroit (where more people voted for Clinton than actually lived in the ward). They didn’t do any of that. In fact, we’re not really sure WHAT Russia did if anything. But that was the biggest reason.

The second reason was the uber-conservative FBI Director, James Comey. It was Comey that told the world that he was going to investigate Clinton. And then a month before the election announced to the world that there wasn’t anything to see here…move along. And then two days before the election said that wait a minute…maybe there IS something to see here with the email scandal…before bowing to the Democrats’ pressure that he was being political and recanting that statement a day and a half later. HE was the second biggest reason she lost.

The third reason was John Podesta and his hacked emails, and the fact those rascals at WikiLeaks decided to release them. After all, aren’t emails supposed to be private? Why would anyone care what her campaign chair had to say about an election anyway? And what’s all this stuff about an email server scandal? Didn’t Petraeus use a private email account?

And the fourth reason…wait for it…Misogyny. Yup. She lost because she was a woman. Even women didn’t vote for her because she was a woman.

Nowhere in there did she say that SHE was to blame because a) she was an incredibly weak candidate with no message; b) she was under scrutiny for countless scandals…something that has haunted she and her husband for decades on anything they touch; c) she ran a very flawed campaign, making sure to visit Arizona (a red state) to try and “sweep the nation” while forgetting about states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania…because they always vote Democrat!

No…Hillary Clinton lost because she was a terrible candidate…probably the worst in US presidential history. At least ranking up there with Bob Dole, John McCain, and Michael Dukakis. And it’s going quite a ways to say she wasn’t as good as John Kerry or Al Gore! And for her to blame it on everything and everybody but herself shows a lot about her character or lack of it. She needs to take the blame for losing. It wasn’t her staff. It wasn’t some foreign country, and it wasn’t the FBI. It was Hillary Clinton and the fact she was one of, if not the worst candidate in US history. She may not have been able to claim the first women president mantle, but no one can take away the worst candidate title! At least we have a ways to go!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Her pathetic excuses says enough about why and how she lost. When things go wrong its somebody else; if things go right, its all about her. People, enough people see through her BS.

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