Estes Wins Pompeo’s Seat

It was viewed as the first major Republican test of its newly found gravitas. It was supposed to be the place where the Democrats were to place a chink in the armor on the way back to taking over the House in 2018. In the end, it was a bunch of bloviated nonsense. Ron Estes was elected to fill the seat vacated by Mike Pompeo when he was tapped by Donald Trump to head the CIA earlier this year.


It wasn’t a slam dunk by any means. It was only a five point victory for Estes, but it was enough to quiet the roar from disgruntled Dems who thought that James Thompson, who basically ran as an independent in one of the reddest districts in the country (he never ever mentioned “Democrat” in his campaigning) could upend Estes. In the end, red stayed red. Blue got bluer (sadder), and the left’s hopes that this was going to be a short-lived Republican romp died. It was over before 10pm.


There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that the Democrats will one day be back on top. The one thing the Dems do MUCH better than the GOP is stand together on issues, on circling the wagons, on making sure that their party wins. The GOP is all over the map, and that leads to the in-fighting that we saw during the recent healthcare debate (which apparently isn’t over yet!). But the one thing the Republicans do much better than Democrats is come up with ideas that work. Dems want to have government pay for everything. The problem with that is that when government pays, EVERYONE pays. And as we’ve all learned, socialism doesn’t work. It’s never worked anywhere in the long term, and won’t work here. Every single taxpayer funded program eventually fails. The reason is simple. It’s because Democrats don’t know when to leave well enough alone.


Take Social Security for example. Originally founded to be a stop gap for the minority of widows that out lived the actuarial tables, it would have been fine if that were the only thing it did. But when the politicians saw a pile of money sitting there, they couldn’t help but expand the program and raid the money. As it turned out, kids are actually on Social Security. Spouses who are younger than me (and I’m not qualified to get it yet) are on it. That’s because Democrats couldn’t leave well enough alone. What was once a well-funded program, now is being funded by Generation X’er’s and Millenials. The chances of them seeing anything from Social Security are nil at best! The same thing will happen to Medicare, Medicaid, and every taxpayer funded program.


So congratulations to Ron Estes, who replaces Mike Pompeo in the House. And for the Democrats, don’t worry…your day will come. You were a little more than anxious to rebound without finding out why you REALLY lost in November anyway…go through the pain and the six stages of grief. Then and only then will you be ready to enter the fray once again with the vibrato that you once had!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Estes Wins Pompeo’s Seat

  1. Well Desert, the former treasurer of Kansas won a seat he has to defend next year. Good luck with that.

    Let’s delve a little deeper on this to see how monumental the victory was. Estes wins by five points in a district that the Orange Muskrat won by twenty five, hummmmmmmmmmmmm. Could this be a canary in the coal mine? It also took Senator Grandpa Munster to fly in and campaign at the last minute and robocalls from president Muskrat. Let’s face the Republicans were freaking out, especially since Governor Brownback’s numbers are tanking even lower than before. Ahhhhhh, that laboratory of conservatism, how’s that no State income tax and reduced corporate taxes working out? To think that the Democrats didn’t lift a finger to do anything in the race and he lost by five points, actual;ly less as there was some sort of Independent who ran. There are other races in Georgia and Montana next month I believe and let’s how those turn out.

    Now on to your favorite argument that the Democrats have not gotten over the November election. I can’t speak for all Democrats but it took me about a week as I waited for vote totals and did some analysis. Point being, we have gotten over it and now is the time to focus on 2018 midterms and do some test runs, no pun intended.

    Social Security, ahhhhhhh, another Republican hate program. While I agree it was a stop gap for widow back in the 30’s, Depression and all that. It evolved to was it known as OASDI, old age, survivors (ask Speaker of the House Eddie Munster about that one), disabled (helped me out, I had a real disability) Insurance. The key word here is insurance. While there may be solvency problems in the future based on actuarial tables or as I call them, maybe a good guess, there are ways of insuring solvency in the future. That is took take the cap off earnings, earned income including bonuses and immigration, both things Republicans despise .

    Since you dropped a dime as we say in Chi-town, regarding conservatives have ideas, and I have asked this question before, name one conservative program that has benefited a majority of Americans and those shitty ass tax cuts don’t count as most have benefited the top 1%.

    Not my illegitimate, minority elected, Russian puppet president!


    Catch my Cubbies on MLB station tonight. Go Cubbies. Hawks on NBCsn tomorrow. Go Hawks!

    • OK…the votes are all counted now and it was a 7 point win…still not what Trump won by, but a victory. I doubt Ron Estes will have trouble winning next year. Second, Thompson ran as a conservative, hiding the fact he was pro-abortion, pro-immigration, pro-big government. He never once mentioned he was a Dem in any of his commercials. At best, most people thought he was an independent. That doesn’t speak too well for people falling in love with the Democrats! As to your “acceptance”, you STILL haven’t accepted a loss in November…as is evident in your next to the last paragraph. Time to grow up.
      Your SSA fixes are pipe dreams (what’s in that pipe? Who knows!?). I think means testing would be a MUCH better solution than taking the cap off. But that’s logic talking, not your inane rambles.
      One good idea? Reagan’s tax cuts. Got us out of the recession Jimmy Carter put us in. Or was it the payment due for the Vietnam War that Lyndon Johnson put us in (yeah…it was Kennedy that started it, but Johnson was the culprit). Man, you gotta go see a good shrink and get over these issues!

  2. Well Desert, stealth candidates for office, who would have thunk it? Apparently my prescription loaded brain remembers those two clowns on the ACC who never showed up for any forum so we never knew what their views were, well I did because they are Republicans and they want to bow to corporations. Case in point, EPCOR, SWG and APS rate increase which is a done deal. Then there is that bat shit crazy Diane Douglas who has no education experience whatsoever, except being kicked off a school board, defeated a professional educator only because she was Republican, hide until after the election. Now we know that she is just a power hungry dopey broad who isn’t qualified to be a fry cook at McDonald’s. So don’t lay no boogie woogie on the king of rock and roll (look that one up).

    Social Security, you proved my point, Republicans goal is to get rid of it. What is Speaker Eddie Munster plan for Social Security? Privatize it and let the financial advisor vultures clean up on ignorant people. Which chapter of Atlas Shrugged was that in?

    Reagan’s tax cuts, gee my didn’t amount to much and I was middle class. The wealthy benefited as they always and it just added to the national debt. How did we benefit or the debt only matter when the presidents are Democrats? The Muskrat’s plan is just more of the same only worse with tax flatting and corporate taxes, repatriation of overseas profits. The insane clown president does not realize that a majority of corporations are Sub S, LLCs which report profits and losses on personal tax forms. What a moron.

    • You know what fries my rear about Democrats? You guys fail to realize that it’s the “privatized financial advisors” that have made millionaires in this country, while the government’s Social Security has done nothing but be another pile of money for the government to raid. IF you let the professionals do the job, you ALWAYS get better results! Why can’t liberals understand that? It’s true with plumbers…with your union buddies that build cars…with insurance geeks like you…and with financial dudes and dudettes.
      As far as Reagan’s tax cuts, I’m not talking about YOU…I’m talking about America. Reagan was great because he took a country in malaise after Carter’s failure and turned it into feeling good about itself again. And if Reagan running up the debt was such a bad thing, then how do you defend Obama, who ran up more debt than EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT COMBINED? Nuff said…you can’t…you lose.

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