Kaine Shows We Dodged A Bullet!

Tim Kaine, Democrat Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia, and losing Vice Presidential Candidate showed the world this past weekend why we should all be very glad that he wasn’t elected. Appearing on NBC’s uber-left “Meet The Press”, Kaine explained to the world that no president should be able to start a war on their own (they can’t), or shoot missiles at another nation (they can) without congressional approval.


He went on to say that it’s ok to shoot missiles at another country if you’re doing it for humanitarian reasons (huh?), if there was, you know…a plan. But apparently Kaine doesn’t think that there is a plan for what Donald Trump did by launching missiles into Syria after it became public that Bashar al Assad was once again using chemical weapons on his people. That apparently wasn’t  a “humanitarian” reason because the United States wasn’t being threatened by it.


Of course, I would beg to differ on several accounts. First of all, the United States WAS threatened by it because we DO have troops on the ground in Syria…placed there by Barack Obama. They are supposed to be there in an advisory capacity, but they are there none the less. Second, if you are responding, as Trump did to a chemical weapons attack, is Kaine saying that he wouldn’t call that a “humanitarian reason” to strike? If not, I’d like to hear what his definition of “humanitarian reason” is.


This makes me very glad that we didn’t elect Tim Kaine to the White House as Vice President. My Lord, can you imagine the team of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine? The more I learn about these two, the more I think that the devil himself put them up for nomination! Neither of these two are qualified to take my garbage out to the curb much less run anything! I really am having a very hard time believing how the good people of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the state that produced such minds as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington could give us Kaine and Governor Terry McAuliffe! Those are two of the biggest bastardizers of the constitution in American history!


We can only be thankful that Kaine is one vote in a body of 100, and that he isn’t even heard from all that often. Because of that we can somewhat excuse his lack of intelligence, his lack of leadership skills, and his lack of ability to interpret the constitution as written. Can you imagine the type of damage that a Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine White House could have done after eight years of Barack Obama? You might as well have raised the Chinese flag over the Capitol…and be done with it once and for all!


No, I’m still a believer that Donald Trump isn’t the savior that he professes to be, but I can tell you that I really believe that we dodged a huge bullet by not electing Clinton and Kaine. This just was another example that proved it!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Those of us in the Commonwealth of Virginia knew how much of a bullet we dodged. “Timmy” Kaine has stumbled into his political successes. The man is, was, and always shall be an idiot. Combine that with zealot and you have the Commonwealth’s Junior Senator.

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