So IF We Nuked N. Korea, Would Anyone Care?

As I write this, the USS Carl Vinson and its support ships are steaming toward the Korean peninsula. It’s in response to North Korea’s rather belligerent behavior recently. In case you haven’t been following the fat chipmunk and his crew over there, they have been testing nuclear weapons, firing missiles into the China Sea, and have been testing ballistic missiles that are capable of reaching the United States. Of course, Kim Jong Un hasn’t been shy about calling the US his worst enemy. In actuality, I don’t think if he was just leading his hermit country the way he wanted to, anybody in the world would give a rat’s rear end…but since he’s starting to rattle more than a few sabers, it does draw attention. Which begs the question:


Would anybody in the world mind if we just nuked the hell out of them?


I ask the question, not to invoke the typical response of the loss of human life, which of course, would be tragic. The North Korean people have been brain-washed for so long that they believe anything this family tells them. Or at least that’s the story you get coming out of North Korea. But I ask the question in a more political light. Would China really care? Would Russia? I know Iran would, because North Korea has been the ones that have been helping out immensely in their own nuclear program. I doubt the Chinese would mind as long as they got to replace Kim, because he’s been a pain in their backside ever since he took over. Russia probably wouldn’t complain too terribly much either. They’ve got other fish to fry in the Middle East right now, and they still have their sights set on getting the old “gang” back together unified under the USSR if you will.


So the question still stands, if a nuke went off in the middle of Pyongyang, would anybody hear it? The answer is probably not. Now, that’s not saying that they would care one way or the other, but the world probably wouldn’t give a hoot. After all, North Korea is just a hermit country that has a big mouth and a lot of starving people. To blow it up and start again, or at least do it in Pyongyang, may not be the worst thing in the world.


Of course, I would NEVER advocate the use of nuclear weapons as a first strike. I think it’s a terrible weapon, and should only be used as a last resort (unlike the US Senate who apparently LOVE using the nuclear options out there). But it’s an interesting discussion…and it’s one that the North Korean leader is actually bringing on himself. If he thinks he could actually destroy the United States, with whatever few missiles he’s developed, I think he’d be terribly mistaken. But that’s just my thought. And some days, my mind works in weird ways…must be all the clean, fresh desert air!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!