Apparently, GOP Not ONLY Party Divided!

To listen to the mainstream snowflake networks on TV talk, you would think the GOP is falling apart. They can’t agree on healthcare; there’s infighting in the White House between Steve Bannon and probably everybody else; Reince Priebus is about to leave because he can’t get along with anyone. It’s just a mad house. It’s a wonder how the Republicans ever got elected!


Apparently, they aren’t the ONLY party having Kumbaya problems these days!


The Dems are up in arms themselves. They have a faction, we’ll call it the BS Faction (for Bernie Sanders), that thinks the more socialist you get the better and you’ve got the more mainstream faction (we’ll call that the Schumer Faction…obviously for Chuck “The Forehead” Schumer) at odds about a lot, including what happened this past Tuesday in Kansas.


In case you missed that one, in one of the reddest congressional districts in the country, Ron Estes, a Republican took Mike Pompeo’s former House seat when he became CIA Director. He defeated a Democrat named James Thompson, who campaigned more like a Republican than a Democrat, calling for a more protection of the constitution, less gun control, you know…all of the things no one would equate with being a liberal Democrat. He never mentioned during the campaign that he was pro-abortion, pro-big government, pro-high taxes, pro-immigration. And he lost by seven points.


In their typical crying and screaming rant, the BS Faction blamed the House Democrats’ campaign arm (the DCCC) for the loss stating that they didn’t throw enough money into the campaign and that they went into the campaign figuring they were going to lose. That’s not the attitude to take, they screeched. Meanwhile, the DCCC said they didn’t do anything wrong, and that it wasn’t that Thompson could have won anyway. It’s the BS Faction that feels that someone like a Thompson should be a shoo-in next year when Estes has to run for re-election! If ONLY the Democrats would help ALL of their candidates, even the grass-root variety.


What the BS Faction seems to miss in all of this is that there are finite amounts of money for these types of campaigns, and there are 435 campaigns to run across America. And if they actually had the money to throw $10 million at all of them, they would, but they don’t. They have to pick and choose. Which actually is smart. I mean, if the GOP decided to thrown $10 million at Nancy Pelosi’s seat, do you think they’d win in uber-left San Francisco? You could throw $10 BILLION at that and never succeed. You have to take the demographics into account. When you’re dealing with the reddest of the reds, or bluest of the blues, somebody in your party has to realize you’re not going to succeed and move on. That’s what happened.


But it’s interesting to see that the Dems aren’t that much different as far as infighting than the Republicans are. The only thing is, you’re not going to read about it in the tarnished New York Times, or the Washington Post. You’re not going to see it on CNN or on CBS. The mainstream snowflake media isn’t going to put something on that shows them losing…haven’t they already lost enough? Think of the children!!!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!