What North Korea REALLY Wants

So North Korea is bloviating about how if the US goes through with “reckless military exercises”, that will provoke a preemptive nuclear strike against the US. Gee…how often has North Korea threatened to attack the west? It’s been pretty much anytime their people are starving and they need to sit down at a negotiating table with someone other than the Chinese and ask for more money and food and supplies.


That my friends, is why Kim Jong Un is crying about starting a nuclear war. And THAT is the only reason… he has to protect his family legacy, which is keeping power in North Korea. Do you REALLY think that he will go through with his threat?


The answer to that could very well be “yes”, because it’s been reported on several occasions that Kim is actually mentally unstable and could do something equally as unstable. We’ve seen instances of that before as he’s offed family members to maintain power, so there really is no telling what he would do. But overall, you have to admit, it seems like it’s not anything greater than him screaming to get the US to get back to negotiating and giving them more aid (which is weird since we have no relations with them!).


The problem that Kim doesn’t realize is he is dealing with a master negotiator in Donald Trump. Trump won’t fall for any of the antics. And Trump won’t be played for a chump like Obama was. Obama was too scared of his own shadow to even consider military action against the Hermit Regime. Trump obviously is not. So, Kim needs to take that into consideration.


Now, do I think that the US is going to get into a nuclear war with North Korea? Nope. Not even if they send nukes our way. I think we’re much more guarded than that. If North Korea were to unleash (and that isn’t the right word…) a barrage of nuclear weapons our way, they would most certainly get invaded, and pay a very heavy price, but I doubt the US would make it nuclear. If we do that, we’re inviting Russia, China, everyone else in the world to use their nukes against whatever side they choose. If we stay conventional, North Korea becomes more of the pariah, and that is never a bad thing.


Somehow, and I could be very wrong on this…I think that North Korea will back down. They will tell their people that we backed down and they were the victors because they have to, but that will be the about the only thing that happens here. And I don’t think the US and North Korea will end up negotiating a new aid package. I can’t see that happening with Donald Trump.


Oh…and if you couldn’t have noticed the tongued firmly planted in the cheek during the last blog on North Korea…please re-evaluate your reading style. I heard from a few of you that couldn’t discern whether that was real or whether I was laying it on thick. I was laying it on thick.


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


One thought on “What North Korea REALLY Wants

  1. Well Desert, we both agree on the question but, surprise, surprise, we see different answers to the question.

    Back in the day, when you was a youngin’, I took American Diplomatic History where the professor was an expert on Pacific Rim diplomatic history. Did his dissertation on the Root-Takahara Treaty (1905), the agreement that ended the Russo-Japan War. The treaty was brokered by President Teddy Roosevelt and Secretary of State Elihu Root, both who believed that power nations had a stake in world and an obligation to preserve it. Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906 for his efforts. This was again prominent at the Versailles where Japan was looking to expand their territory, basically get in on the action because they had a deal during WWI that if they joined the Allies, Great Britain assured them of more territory, basically at the expense of Russia and China. As summation in easy terms, they wanted a seat at the Big Table with the Big Boys.

    Which brings us to North Korea. The split of the Korea in 1948 agreed by the Russian and the United States that the 38th Parallel was the dividing line, the puppet government set up by Russia with Kim il Yun (last names are first in Korea), North Korea have wanted a seat at the Big Table. Kim got the green light from Stalin to invade South Korea and when the Allies where nearly at the Yalu River, the dividing line between North Korea and China, China sent in troops which caused a retreat and amistice agreed to stopping at the 38th Parallel. The conflict was essentially a draw which continues to this day. The expansion of the North Korea’s military and now playing footsies with nuclear armaments is North Korea’s goal of the seat at the Big Table which gives them recognition as a world power. Remember back in the late 60’s when China got the nuclear bomb? Aside from the West getting nervous, it gave President Nixon the necessary opening to go to China, have the United States recognize them for diplomatic relations, trade and a seat at the United Nations, a seat at the Big Table, generally legitimacy. It is my opinion that North Korea sees how to move on up. I concede that the Kim family wants to be known for this as it really cements them in the history of North Korea and how they gained legitimacy on the world stage.

    Nice to use the old survey of American diplomatic history, I knew it would come up sometime. Now about that cause and effect of the French Revolution I have been waiting to come up…………………….

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