So What If Bannon Goes?

There is this ongoing fight in the White House between Jared Kushner, who happens to be the president’s son-in-law, and Steve Bannon, formerly of Breitbart, and now a “strategist” in the White House. And apparently one of them is going to leave. Let’s play a little game called, “Who gets to leave The Apprentice?”


On the surface, Steve Bannon has one thing going for him. He is closer politically to Donald Trump. That said, he has a lot of stuff going against him. Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law, and he really, REALLY likes Ivanka Trump. I don’t think Donald is going to be doing anything against Ivanka any time soon. Second, Kushner is a lot more liberal than Bannon. That has sparked a lot of speculation that Trump is moving left on a lot of issues and is waffling on a lot of conservative campaign promises. It’s no secret that Kushner is behind it, and Ivanka seems to be backing her hubby on this one. The thing I think is the most damning for Steve Bannon is the fact that he isn’t nearly as well “polished” as Kushner. Kushner is a Wall Street guy. He dresses a ton better than Bannon. He knows how to act in political circles. He gets a haircut more than once a quarter (hey…I’m not faulting Bannon for that one…that’s what I do!). He just presents a nicer picture to the world.


Trump has told Reince Priebus that if the two of them can’t work it out, he’s going to call them both into the board room, where sadly, one of them will be fired. They’ll state their cases, and Trump will launch into his monologue first with Jared, then with Steve, and he’ll end up looking Steve in the eye, saying, “Steve, you have been a tremendous talent for the White House, and are a very good guy. I’ve loved what I’ve seen of you thus far in my administration, but I have to tell you, and it’s no secret really, that blood is thicker than water with me. Steve…you’re fired!”


And then you’ll see a picture of Steve leaving Trump Tower, or the White House, getting into a limousine, and driving off with a camera in his face as he says stuff like, “Well, I gave it my best shot. Obviously I don’t agree with Mr. Trump’s decision, but he is the boss. I think he’s going to live to regret the decision he made today!” And then the music swells, the credits roll, and the rest as they say, is ready for reruns, or Netflix.


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!