At Least She Got That Part Right!

I’ve never been a Hillary Clinton fan. My vote this past November was as much a vote against her as it was a vote for Donald Trump. She’s been a loser from the word go. If she hadn’t married Bill out of college, she never would have amounted to anything. That is a fact. Yes, she worked hard “for the children”, and I say, “Big deal”. So did I. So have millions of people out there. That doesn’t make you fit to be the president or even a friggin’ senator. Had she not been First Lady, she never would have been Secretary of State, and four people that died in Benghazi, Libya would still be alive. But after saying all of that, as slimy as she is as a person, Hillary Clinton got one thing right.


She’s through with politics.


Oh, I know…you’ve seen her give speeches (probably for hundreds of thousands of dollars), and she’s bashed Trump just like she was running for office again. But she said in a book just released called, “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign”, that when she lost on election night, she said she was done. She wouldn’t run for any office again. It was somebody else’s turn to take over. Her job was done, and she lost. All are apt words.


Now, let’s be clear about one thing. I don’t begrudge Hillary and Bill a bit for making millions making speeches. I don’t begrudge anybody making any amount of money. My feeling is if there is someone in this world that is willing to pay you a price for whatever service or job you perform, than go for it. That is part of the American Dream. And the same thing holds true for them. The fact that their foundation is a shambles and isn’t generating the millions it once was, doesn’t mean they don’t need an income. I’m sure no one in America can live comfortably on hundreds of millions of dollars. If people are stupid enough to pay her for her words, then by God, she’s the idiot if she doesn’t take advantage of it!


But in the meantime, the greater point here is celebratory in nature. Hillary Clinton is toast. We no longer have to deal with her, at least in a political sense. Oh, she may show up somewhere and tell people not to give up, but that’s rather hypocritical, isn’t it? After all, she has given up. But when you lose the highest office in the land, an office you’ve dreamed to hold since you were a little girl, and you lose it not once, but twice, you probably are right to set your sights a little lower. You probably need to realize that you’re not the superstar you really thought you were. You’re probably in the same boat as Al Gore, and John Kerry, and Bob Dole, and John McCain. And that’s ok. To quote that great Ted Knight line from Caddyshack, “The world needs ditch diggers too!”


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!