See Ya, O’ Reilly!

To be honest, and this may come as a shock, I never really liked Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, and so his departure had me shrugging my shoulders. I’m more interested in the overall message that it’s sending. As far as Bill O’Reilly is concerned, it’s not that big of a deal to me. He’ll land on his feet somewhere because he gets ratings, and in the TV game, that’s what it’s all about!

Look, I don’t care if you’re conservative or liberal, you CAN have a decent TV show. The problem with O’Reilly’s show was two-fold. First of all, there was WAY too much screaming and talking over each other on the show, and I just hate that. Being a professional broadcaster for 35 years, that was one big giant no-no. You don’t talk over others. And O’Reilly didn’t care about breaking that rule. The second thing, and this is more on a personal level, you can’t be right all the time. Nobody is unless your initials are J.C. Bill O’Reilly thought he was right all of the time. Even if that’s an act (and most of the time that stuff is), you start believing it when you start getting fan mail. And then it becomes an ego trip and that’s where the real danger starts. I bet that’s where the sexual harassment started as well…not saying I know that for a fact, just sayin’.

Apparently, O’Reilly over the years has had to pay out over $10 million to settle sexual harassment claims, and Fox News has had to fork over another $3 million because of him. That’s a LOT of misbehaving. And quite frankly, if that was true, you have to wonder why O’Reilly wasn’t fired years ago. I don’t care if you have the number one cable show in America or not, there are ways to behave, and ways not to behave, and frankly, you just don’t treat people like that.

Add to that the overall impression I had about O’Reilly that he was a big blowhard and a massive egotist, and I can see that he’d be pulling shenanigans like that, and treating people with less respect and dignity than they deserve. Look, Bill O’Reilly, if this stuff is true, deserves to get canned; deserves to never have a show on any network ever again; and deserves to never sell another book or do another speaking engagement. He’s like Hillary Clinton on that accord. You don’t reward bad behavior unless you want to get bad behavior. That’s exactly what Fox News has done all these years, and finally they got smart and pulled the plug. Good for them!

As for the lineup changes that I’ve seen, we’ll have to wait and see. I’m sure there are many talented people out there that can move in to whatever slots are open. Tucker Carlson has proven himself to be one of those talents. I hear Eric Bolling is going to get the 7pm slot (eastern time) that Tucker is vacating, and that should be interesting. I’ve liked Eric, but he’s not a superstar…yet. I hear The Five is moving to prime time and that Martha McCallum is going to take the 5pm slot (she’s been doing The First 100 Days following Special Report). She’s done an ok job, though I’m not a huge fan of the show. She’ll do fine.

Look, Fox News will survive, and probably be stronger with O’Reilly leaving. Hell, if I were them, I’d consider getting Dennis Miller back on the air on a regular basis…if he wants a daily show. That guy has always been funny!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “See Ya, O’ Reilly!

  1. I agree, I like Dennis Miller, but in small doses.
    I usually only listened to O Reilly’s opening monologue. ..then turned it. I like Shawn but he us going to need to start mixing it up. I am really getting tired of the same night after night.
    I heard they were going to be having a lot more of Bob and Juan…I hope not because they rub me the wrong way and quickly.

    • And you’ve just hit on the major problem surrounding political talking heads shows…it’s always the same thing, regardless which side of the aisle you’re talking about. It gets predictable and boring very quickly. Frankly I’m surprised O’Reilly lasted as long as he did! And I agree with you with both Beckel and Williams.

      • Ha! I always record the shows on dvr in case I cannot sleep. I NEVER or very rarely watch anything on TV. ..for several years now. Except a little fox news before dosing off. Last night I couldn’t sleep so I turned on my recorded Hannity. Wow…he apparently has had a lot of slander and such and he said he was tired of it and fighting back and not just for himself but for speech for all conservatives. He said he had several top notch attorneys and…blah…blah. At the bottom on the ticker it was talking about Obama’s speech in Chicago about community organizing. Wow…this world is such a mess. I have a son who was deployed to Bahrain 2 weeks ago. The world continues to be getting crazier everyday. So much is going on that it us very overwhelming. Hie much longer can this world continue like this before the Lord Jesus Christ comes? Soon none of our children will be saved. The schools have already brainwashed the majority and most of the colleges are already full of non-believers. The churches are full of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Just as the bible told us and the book of Jude plainly states.
        God bless you and your family sir!

      • Thank you so much for your comment! And God bless you and YOUR family! Please tell your son that I admire and respect him, and pray for his safety! Come back anytime!!

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