Trump’s First 100 Days: Winner or Loser?

Yeah, I know…everyone else is jumping on the “First 100 Days” bandwagon, so what the hell. I thought I’d do the same thing…I mean, after all, you can only do it once, right? After today, it’s pretty much dead meat (and usually I’m late on these things anyway). So with that in mind, let’s take a look at what Trump has and hasn’t done in his first 100 days in office.

The economy is soaring. We haven’t seen this type of growth since Reagan took over for Carter. Oh, I know, Bill Clinton CLAIMS he had bigger growth, but most of that was the dot com stuff, and we remember when that bubble burst, don’t we? Trump’s economy is up $2 Trillion since he was elected. In his first 100 days, he has decreased the federal debt $100 Billion (vs. the $560 Billion Obama GREW the federal debt in his first 100 days).

Illegal immigration (without a wall) is down 67%. It’s rather amazing what you can do to actually stem the tide of illegals coming across the border simply by saying, “We are going to arrest you, and we are going to send you back.” Maybe we don’t need a wall after all!

NATO has decided to increase their spending. Remember in the campaign, Trump said that NATO needed to step up and that the US wasn’t going to fund the alliance like it had. They kicked in an additional $10 Billion.

Neil Gorsuch was confirmed for the Supreme Court. Well, it was something Obama couldn’t get done. And yes, it took a nuclear option, which will most certainly come back and bite the GOP in the ass somewhere up the road, but for now (and when Anthony Kennedy and Ruth Bader Ginsburg leave), it’ll set the court on the more conservative bent for the next 30 years anyway.

Trump has dismantled Obama’s climate warming global change scam. Funny thing…I was just reading how high temperatures, low temperatures, flooding, tornadoes, and hurricanes have all dropped in intensity and in frequency over the past three years. Funny that we did that WITHOUT enacting laws telling Mother Nature to do that, isn’t it?

Eliminate two regulations for every new regulation. I sure wish Bobo had done this. Life would be so much better today. Ah, but he’s a has-been and a failure.

Hiring freeze on federal employees. Want to shrink the size of government? Easy, just don’t hire people. As others retire, the government size shrinks.

Two new pipelines approved. About time…we’ve only been waiting eight years for Keystone XL!

Cutting funding to “sanctuary cities”. When are these idiot liberals going to learn that when the federal government makes a law it takes precedence over your silly ordinances?

North Korea. Yeah, it’s a work in progress, but at least we are acknowledging that we have a problem there. That’s 100 times better than what Obama did. Same with Syria, same with China, same with Russia, now let’s see what happens with Iran!

There were some fails as well…
Obamacare repeal failed (or is failing while I write this). They cancelled a Friday vote on it because they haven’t been able to get the moderates back on board once they appeased the conservatives. Look, just dump the damn thing. I count this more as a congressional fail than a Trump fail.

I would have to put Michael Flynn in this category. He was a major embarrassment to the Trump administration, and whomever vetted him for his post did a really crappy job. The guy should be in jail, not in government.

Overall, with that record, you’d probably have to give Trump high marks. I say it’s more like a C+. Based on what he SAID he’d do in the first 100 days and what he actually did, he didn’t build a wall…he didn’t rip up the Iran deal, he didn’t get us out of NAFTA, but waffled on it. He didn’t get Obamacare repealed. And he hasn’t begun to re-write the tax code and make it more fair (which is defined as less redistribution of wealth).

You got your work cut out for you, Donald. Thank God you’ve got another 1,360 days to go before your term is up! Get to work!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Trump’s First 100 Days: Winner or Loser?

  1. LOSER, BIGLY TIME. Stick a fork in Don the Con, he’s done. Do the math.

    Not my Illegitimate, minority elected, Russian puppet president.


  2. Yes there are but I answered your question.

    The question is will the leopard change his spots, that is will his foreign policy be the result of his short attention span and his overall ignorance of history in relation to world affairs. I have no idea what his policies are aside from the flavor of the minute. Our allies are nervous because they don’t know if the U. S. will come to their defense in the proper situation or will he be running a protection racket.

    Domestic policy, flavor of the minute by presidential Fiat.

    The man is incompetent and unhinged. This is not a reality show, it’s real life with real consequences to real people.

    • I think you’re rather confused here Snark. Our allies are no longer confused. They WERE confused under the former “leadership” because there was no leadership when it came to foreign policy…what did he call it? Leading from behind? In that world your beloved Chicago Cubs won the World Series every year in the 20th Century! No…you missed the mark here.

      As far as the “presidential fiat” goes, talk to me about “Executive Order” Obama! THERE is a true example of incompetent and unhinged…and of course, now we can throw in completely irrelevant since none of his big signature items matter. They’ve been reduced to the fairy dust they should have been originally!

      Have a nice day!

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