White House Correspondents’ Dinner: No Fake News Here!

In a really over-blown, over-the-top effort to prove to the world they are legitimate, and quite possibly to themselves, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was held last night in Washington…without the President in attendance. He was busy. He was at a First 100 Days Rally in Pennsylvania…the state that gave him the White House last November.

And in a move to show that they were indeed still alive, still kicking, and still mattered, the White House Correspondents decided to throw the dinner anyway, and blast the Trump administration throughout. One of their major themes was, “We are NOT fake news”. Now, the whole “fake news” thing has been overblown by The Donald. I’m not saying the news is fake because I really don’t think it is. I’m saying that the title of “fake news” has been given to the media because of their bias, both right and left.

Media USED to report on situations. That was their job. Billy crashed his bike into Suzy’s house. That is an unbiased, fact base report. Billy crashed his bike into Suzy’s house because he didn’t like the fact that Suzy got a raise and now makes exactly what Billy makes. That’s what would classify as fake news because the reporter doesn’t know for a fact that is why Billy crashed his bike into Suzy’s house. Maybe he’s a bad bike rider. Maybe he’s drunk. Maybe he thinks Suzy is a bitch. Anything is possible. And in this past year’s campaign, we saw a lot of “fake news” that wasn’t false, but was twisted. It was reported as fact, but in actuality, there was more spin and opinion involved than there was fact. THAT is what Donald Trump has been talking about…and yes…the media IS guilty of that.

Anytime the media publicly favors one candidate over another (and it happens both ways here…it’s just this time they favored the Democrat), I would say you are in major danger of committing “fake news”. That is exactly what happened, and it happened because some of the one-time-most-prestigious news organizations in this country allowed one candidate to have editorial consent over the content in their publication. That’s just wrong. The media needs to be vigilant that they are unbiased when it comes to reporting the news. Currently, as last night’s WHCD clearly showed, they are incapable of doing that job, and they actually proved Donald Trump’s point. They are so mired into the “fake news” phenomena right now that America has lost faith in them.

I blame the people running the media, but I also blame the Journalism Schools around the country for teaching that it’s ok to show your bias. University of Missouri, Syracuse University, Northwestern University are probably the three largest and best known J-Schools in the country. They all do it. And it needs to stop if the media want to be given any credibility in the future. But based on what I saw from last night’s dinner, I think we are going to have to find another source for “Real News”. These guys are mired in the fake brand for a good long while.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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