Democrat Wave?

If you listen to people like Chuck “The Forehead” Schumer, Nancy “I’m An Alien” Pelosi, and new DNC Chairman, Tom Perez, you’d probably think that the Grand Old Party is doomed come next year when there will be all of the House seats and a third of the Senate seats up for election. But hold on to your horses. That’s not necessarily the case.

Most politicos out there were watching three “replacement” races rather carefully over the past couple of months, and one of them goes into June. The first of course was Mike Pompeo’s seat in the Kansas 4th Congressional District, which was vacated when Pompeo was named the new CIA Director. In that race Ron Estes beat James Thompson by about 7 points…after Dems threw a ton of money into the race. They saw it as a fulcrum to taking back the House. As it turns out, Kansas 4th stayed red, and Dems went home with their tails between their legs.

Then it was on to the Georgia 6th Congressional District where Democrat upstart Jon Ossoff was trying to avoid a runoff election in June. In Georgia, if you get 50% or more of the vote in the first round of balloting, you don’t have to go to the runoff, you just plain win. And there were a bunch of Republicans splitting the normally heavy Republican vote in the district. As it turns out, Ossoff ended up just shy of the 50% mark with 48.1% and he will have to face off against Karen Handel next month. She is heavily favored because the feeling goes that all of the Republicans will put their votes toward her rather than vote for a Democrat. The election is a “replacement” election to find someone to take Tom Price’s House seat after Price moved to head Health and Human Services as their Secretary.

And then this past Thursday in Montana, there was all sorts of drama. Republican Greg Gianforte should have had an easy walk in normally red Montana and the race to replace newly named Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke. It’s Montana’s only House seat, so it’s pretty much a state-wide election. What made this one different isn’t that Gianforte was facing off against a musician, Rob Quist. It was that days before the election, he body-slammed a reporter, causing a national controversy. Then, Gianforte went into hiding. He won by 7 points, instead of the 20 points he was thinking he was going to win by. It should be noted that in Montana, most people vote early through absentee ballots, and the feeling is that a solid 40% of the vote was already cast when Gianforte tried out for the WWE. He did end up apologizing in his victory speech.

So, out of the three “must wins” that the Democrats felt they had a shot at, they won none of them. Oh, they came close. They threw millions of dollars away trying to win all of the seats, and came away empty. The lesson is simple. It is going to take more than hating Donald Trump (though most people don’t actually hate the guy), to take back the House and Senate next year. It’s going to take the House and the Senate to show the same kind of stupid plays that the Democrats made when they ran the two chambers…not passing a budget, passing the worst bill in history (Obamacare), and having absolutely the two most corrupt and worst leaders they could find in Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. I’m not saying the GOP isn’t up to the task of losing. I’m saying they have a ways to go.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Something Nobody Is Talking About

It hit me about 3am. In fact, it woke me from a cold sleep. Yes, the world is enthralled with Donald Trump and his first trip abroad. It’s been a relatively successful trip, and yes, there may have been a stumble here or there…but that’s not what I wanted to talk about today. Today, we’re going to compare two presidents. One who cried at microphones every time there was a school shooting, and one that I don’t believe (I may be wrong on this) has even mentioned it yet.

During Barack Obama’s eight year reign of terror, there were a total of 133 school shootings. Those shootings left 121 people dead (mostly children), and 190 others injured. I know those numbers because I went through and counted each and every one of them starting with Hampton, Virginia back on January 9, 2009, all the way through Bountiful, Utah on December 1, 2016. That’s a lot of shooting. That’s a lot of biting of Bobo’s lower lip, standing at a podium and faking to cry saying that it’s got to stop. That’s a lot of calling for gun control. Well, congress never gave him gun control. And I will be as open about this as I can be. In the five full months since Donald Trump has been president, there have been a total of three, count ‘em, three school shootings in this country.

So what does that tell us about the two? Does it matter that one cried crocodile tears at the drop of a hat, calling for more and stronger gun control? Does it matter that the more he cried and said that it had to stop, it got worse? Does it matter that Donald Trump hasn’t even mentioned it and there have been only three? Obama started off with six school shootings in 2009. That was his low point. It went to 11 in 2010, and by 2014, the worst year of his terms it had shot up to 36. In fact the last five years of his presidency, he had 11, 26,36,20, and 16 school shootings. Trump has had 3.

My theory here is simple. When a child (and while most of these were kids, not all of them were) hears about this gun violence in schools over and over and over again, they begin to think that it’s ok. It’s a way to get their 15 minutes of fame. Instead of taking a bunch of pills and committing suicide that only their “friends” or students would ever find out about, these troubled kids take out as many as they can before taking their own life. So, is it safe to imagine that hearing about it over and over again would actually cause the problem to get worse? It would seem to me in my desert-dried brain that is exactly what happened. How else could you get the president of the United States to recognize you, maybe even say your name? And who cares if you’re dead if you get your 15 minutes of fame out of it?

133 school shootings in eight years is WAY too many. We don’t need more gun control. We need a president to stop pushing a gun control agenda in front of the media. And I think we got one.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Taking Time Out…

Yes, of course I have a routine on this holiday. The whole weekend is planned out usually. That’s because, while I’m not as big of a racing fan as I once was, when I lived in a town that had an Indy Car owner living there (who ended up winning the Indy 500 one year), it still is a fun race to watch. No, I don’t know the racers like I used to. I used to know a lot of them personally when they’d come to Michigan International Speedway, and I’d get to cover the “Michigan 500” (I have no idea what it’s called now). Now, I barely know the names, but I still enjoy the sport.

But throughout this weekend, I have one thing I always do. It’s as ingrained in my being as much as having a hot dog or a hamburger on the grill. I take time out and I remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice because it’s their sacrifice that allows me to live out here in the desert and not worry about my freedom. It’s because they felt that our collective freedom was more important than their individual life that we are here today able to do everything we can do. And it’s only right on this Memorial Day to pause at some point and thank their memories.

I particularly think of a guy that was several years older than me. He was the son of a college president, and he enrolled in the Marines back in Vietnam. He knew he was going there. But he went because he felt it was his duty. And yes, he lost his life in Southeast Asia. I think it was around late October, because I remember his mother putting a basket of candy out on their front porch with a note asking us kids not to ring the doorbell. They just didn’t feel like celebrating Halloween that year. I think of Jack often. We used to go to their cottage on Lake Michigan for the weekend and enjoyed it immensely. They were terrific people…so terrific that Jack’s father, the college president, ended up marrying my wife and I (he was an ordained minister as well).

I think about Jack a lot on Memorial Days. I think of what he did that I didn’t do. I think of the sacrifice he made that I doubt I ever could have made. I thank him silently, because I know he’s looking down on us. And I know he hears. I think he was the only guy I knew personally that was ever killed in Vietnam. The war ended in 1973, while I was still in high school, so my class never got drafted, or had to go over there. But I’ve worked with several fine folks that have. My next door neighbor here in the desert was in Vietnam, and I think of him at this point as well. He passed away two years ago this August, and I always remind myself to thank Chuck as well.

Take a minute today and thank someone that you know that isn’t with us any longer, but served. They didn’t have to die in battle like Jack. They could have come home and lived a productive life, like Chuck. But they served. They sacrificed. They protected. They deserve our respect, and our thoughts and prayers.

May you have a Happy Memorial Day!

Carry on world…but today, you’re NOT dismissed!

Obama’s Climate Change Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

Bobo Obama doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone. The former president should have done what his predecessors have done in the past, fade slowly into that good night and be quiet for a while. Instead, Bobo decided he was going to be boisterous. He was going to speak out against what he felt were injustices. He was going to call Donald Trump out when Trump did things like reverse Obama’s executive orders that made absolutely no sense to anyone with an ounce of grey matter.

And now, Obama is showing the world his true colors.

Bobo and his wife, Michelle Ma Belle, were in Milan, Italy to speak at the Institute for International Political Studies on the importance of global change warming climate or some such nonsense. And as always, taking a cue from Al Gore, Bobo concluded his speech by jumping into a CO2 laden motorcade of not one or two, but 13 cars to drive away. But wait…he wasn’t finished with the CO2 bombing of Italy! Oh, no! He had to top it off by spewing more carbon as he flew into Tuscany in not a commercial jetliner, but a private jet, and not alone. Bobo and the Mrs. were escorted by six, count ‘em, six Italian Air Force jets on the short flight to Tuscany. Are we finished yet? Oh, no! Once on the ground, Bobo and company got back into limousines (13 of them) and proceeded to make their way to their “motel”, which by the way has 22 bedrooms for the ex-prez to choose from. The going rate? $15,000 per night. He and Michelle Ma Belle will be there for a week. But staying in the tradition of not going retail, the Obama’s probably got a deal. The “motel” they are staying at is owned by the former Ambassador to Italy when he was in office, so he probably got a bit of a deal and foisted it off on some unsuspecting taxpayers somewhere. Hopefully it was the Italians, and not us!

This is just the latest example of the liberal left and their excuses. They want the world to change the way they live so we can “keep climate change in check”, while they spew carbon emissions all over the place. Now, if Bobo really was concerned about this…he would have taken a limo ride from the speech in Milan to Tuscany. It’s only 188 miles, and they could have covered it in three hours and seen some lovely country side. But they took a posse with them, enough for 13 limo’s in all, and a private jet with six Air Force escorts for the 188 mile ride. Yeah…they’re REAL concerned about the environment!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What AHCA CBO Numbers Really Mean

So the Congressional Budget Office came out with their “scoring” of the Americans Health Care Act this week. And, to absolutely no one’s surprise it showed something for everyone. For snowflakes on Capitol Hill, it showed that 23 million Americans would be uninsured under the plan that passed the House. For the Republicans, it showed that the cost would save $120 Billion over the next decade.

So, what does this all mean?

Absolutely nothing. That’s right. Absolutely nothing. Yes, Chuck “The Forehead” Schumer can cry on the Senate floor or to anyone that will listen that some 23 million people will be uninsured when this is done. Yes, Paul Ryan can claim that costs will be lower, and Americans will be saving money because of the bill the Republicans have passed. Both are true (well, almost). Actually, there’s no truth to the rumor that 14 million people that are currently insured will lose their insurance. And actually, there’s no truth to the rumor that the bill will save $120 Billion over the next ten years. It’s all hogwash. That’s because the CBO that does the scoring is so bad at this that their numbers are pretty meaningless. So, let’s see the numbers

The CBO says that 14 million Americans will be without healthcare insurance if AHCA passes. Of course this is the same group that said that there would be 23.3 million Americans signed up with Obamacare by now. By Obama’s inflated numbers that number wasn’t even half of that! By any count that doesn’t add in the expanded Medicaid (which could have happened anytime anyway), only 3 million uninsured people got on the Obamacare bandwagon. The CBO was WAY off base!

The cost factor is way off. The CBO said the cost of Obamacare over 10 years would be less than one Trillion dollars. It’s already far exceeded that number and today, to even GET to the 10 year mark, the US government (that’s you and me) would have to pony up another $4.7 TRILLION on top of the $3.2 TRILLION that we’ve already wasted on this white elephant. That’s $7.9 TRILLION spent on something that was supposed to cost less than a trillion! How exact was that! And the CBO said that there would be 23.3 million Americans getting their health insurance through The actual number (Medicaid included) was 10.4 million after some numbers fudging by the Obama administration.

The end result here is the CBO is terrible at projecting this type of thing. For them to even come out with a forecast is nothing but media fodder, and doesn’t have anything to do with reality. They are rarely right when it comes to predicting costs, and even worse off when they are asked to make guesses on how successful things like Obamacare or AHCA are going to be in the American public (remember…the CBO said Obamacare would catch on and be a big hit!).

In the end, the CBO numbers mean nothing. The snowflakes screaming about it mean nothing. The whole thing is the congress needs to dump Obamacare before it bankrupts the country, and go back to the system that wasn’t broke before this whole abortion started in the first place. Stop trying to legislate what Americans do with their money, and concentrate on what it is governments should do…print money, arm and maintain an armed forces, protect the borders. The rest is to keep out of our lives (are you listening NSA???)

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Let It Go, Podesta!

Well, you can’t really blame John Podesta. The guy that was the campaign chairman for the worst presidential candidate in United States history, who’s 60,000 emails provided enough impetus to deny his boss the White House in the waning days of an election that could be called one of the muddiest on record, is finally speaking out on his life’s greatest failure…his inability to get Hillary Clinton her dream of the Oval Office.

Podesta spoke at a Global Politico event, where he made comments like, “Donald Trump is unfit for office”. “His actions are absolutely crazy”. “He has a complete disregard for the truth”. And of course, Podesta blames everything that happened last November, not on himself (that would be very un-liberal like!), and not on Hillary Clinton and all of the mistakes the campaign made, but on Russia, and James Comey, and Donald Trump’s “lies”.

Get over it John. It’s over. You lost. I know you’re angry, but frankly this isn’t a very flattering look on you.

This is the problem that Democrats have to really get down and deal with. They are so inflamed over the election seven months after it’s over that they can’t see straight. They are so upset that Donald Trump won the White House and that they didn’t win the House and Senate back that they are willing to do absolutely anything to get it back. And they are absolutely livid at the prospect that the GOP could actually reach the 60 seat threshold in the Senate to shut down debate and filibusters in the future… not that it would matter if Mitch McConnell decides to invoke the “nuclear option” and do away with that rule altogether (which is rumored).

Podesta was a huge part of the problem of the Clinton campaign, other of course, than the candidate herself, who wouldn’t speak to the press, wouldn’t take questions, wouldn’t address her scandal issues, and never listened to her higher-ups that thought the campaign was doing it all wrong. To the campaign, and more specifically Robbie Mook and Podesta, they had the campaign in the bag, but let it slip away because they didn’t get the Democrat message across, instead wasting valuable campaign stops trying to demonize Donald Trump and make him appear worse than Hillary Clinton to the voters. Most people had already made their mind up. Except those in Wisconsin, and Michigan, and Ohio, and Pennsylvania, who were slowly slipping away from Democrat control and moving to the GOP because Trump campaigned there and Clinton didn’t. Isn’t that what the DNC’s post-mortem said about the whole election? Why can’t Podesta accept what the party believes is the reason they lost?

Well, the biggest reason is, he’d have to accept the fact that he screwed up. It was a lot of his own fault. John, you have to deal with the fact you’re not as good as you thought you were, and you lost when you should have won. Go seek counseling and get over it. We’ll all feel better if you do!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obama Administration DID Violate Constitution

While the snowflakes on Capitol Hill were scurrying around, hoping to find a shred of evidence that the Russians had some influence over the presidential election, and more specifically had an “in” with people in the Trump campaign, it was learned that for the past seven years, the Obama Administration not only broke the law, they shredded the Constitution along the way.

Oh, you probably won’t hear about this on the mainstream media yet. It’s going to take time for the story to get its legs. But I will tell you that the legs that will grow under this will make the Hillary Clinton Home Brew Server Scandal seem like a Saturday In The Park (yes…a reference to the Chicago song).

What apparently happened is that the FISA Court (The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) had jumped all over the Obama Administration back in 2011 for failing to put safeguards in place that would stop the NSA for spying on normal, everyday citizens without cause. That is exactly what had been happening under Obama (as Edward Snowden pointed out). And The NSA and the Obama Administration chose instead of fixing the problem, to exacerbate it by continuing to destroy the Fourth Amendment rights of thousands upon thousands of Americans by spying on them illegally.

What this means in terms of what will happen and what should happen are the differences between night and day. What should happen is that everyone involved, including the former president, should be brought up on charges, convicted and sent off to a nice cushy prison like Sing Sing (or maybe they could re-open Alcatraz?) for a very long time. What will happen? There will end up being a fall guy somewhere, someone who’s name you and I don’t know yet, that will end up being thrown in jail for 10 years or so to rot away as the scapegoat, so Bobo and his henchmen can continue to play golf together in style.

What this actually means is that every single snowflake that has been screaming bloody murder about collusion in the election, every single Democrat who is crying that Trump should be impeached should take solace in the fact that their guy skated for eight years and this was found out only after he left office. This IS an impeachable offense, and most assuredly would have brought an early end to Bobo’s reign of terror.

I want to hear Chuck “The Forehead” Schumer and Nancy “I’m An Alien” Pelosi apologize to Donald Trump for all of their mis-statements and lies (and the same goes for Harry Reid) over the past year and a half. Anything Donald Trump has done pales in comparison to the illegal, immoral, unethical, and stupid moves by Obama and his people. This makes Watergate look like a picnic. Watergate was wrong, and Nixon should have hung for it (and yes…Ford was wrong for pardoning him), but this makes that break-in look so childish it isn’t funny. Obama’s entire term should be wiped off the face of history as though it never existed. And he and his clan should rot in prison for the rest of their lives. CONVICTED!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!