Congressional GOP Cave On Budget

If you were to look at the new budget that avoided a government shutdown, you realize a couple of things right off the bat. The first is that the Republicans in congress are terrible at negotiations and probably need to be schooled by their president in that art. The second thing you learn is that they have nothing swinging between the legs and are very mamby-pamby when it comes to “manning up” (I know some of them are women). They are so afraid that the minority party is going to blame them for shutting down the government when it would be the Democrats’ fault, that they can’t see straight.

And so the GOP in congress caved.

Oh, I’ve heard the arguments that this was in the middle of Obama’s last budget and it was tough to change, and that Trump is going to get HIS stuff through come September. Yeah, and I’ll believe that when I see it. What I DID see was a terrible leadership problem in congress as far as the GOP is concerned. You’ve got a bunch of people, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan at the top of that list, that are afraid to negotiate on budget. And therefore, they caved.

They didn’t get anything for “The Wall” through? They didn’t defund Planned Parenthood? They got miniscule victories in the military, and basically gave up on the National Endowment for the Arts, and the EPA? Where was the victory for the party in power? Are you telling me that they couldn’t come up with a better budget? They are that afraid of shutting down the government and getting the blame for it?

Actually, IF they got the blame for shutting down the government (which I doubt), it’s not a long-lasting problem. Remember back in 2013 when the last government shutdown took place? Remember they put up those temporary fences around all of the monuments in DC? They shut down the tours to the White House, and put the signs up that because congress didn’t pass the budget this attraction was closed. School kids all over the country were denied by Democrats the ability to go and take a really nice field trip. And the Republicans got blamed. So, what happened in 2014? Oh, nothing…the GOP picked up seats in the House and took back the Senate. So tell me that shutting down the government and getting blamed for it is a bad thing. On a scale of one to ten it’s a friggin’ blip.

The Republicans are now under the gun to give Donald Trump what he wants come budget time or face the wrath of their voters. If they can’t get together and repeal the country’s most terrible law (Obamacare), and they can’t put together a sensible budget that doesn’t redistribute wealth, then what are they doing taking our tax dollars in Washington? We’d be much better off having Democrats control the House and Republicans control the Senate, and get nothing done. At least that way, we’d be able to pack the Supreme Court, and Trump could appoint a billion federal judges to the bench for life.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Congressional GOP Cave On Budget

  1. Well Desert, what can I say, well I’ll say it anyway, way back in November after the election I posted here that the Orange Pimple’s victory would be bittersweet as he had to deal with Republicans in Congress. Sure he campaigned as a master negotiator, which actually I knew was bull crap and has shown that he fraud, not to mention a failed businessman Four bankruptcies and tax returns which contain financial statements by his own admission, which I am of the opinion is he not a billionaire and probably has negative net worth.

    Anyway, his biggest problem is the Freedom Caucus, still unclear whose freedom they are talking about and what does freedom look like, that contains enough members to block any meaningful legislation. Consequently he was going to need the Democrats and here we are. True, the leadership of the Janesville Joke, Speaker of the House Eddie Munster and Scrotum Face, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell couldn’t lead a pack of starving dogs to fresh meat at the moment. Until the Freedom Caucus is voted out, not likely, or the Republicans increase their House majority with people who are not bat shit crazy, they need the Democrats no matter how many idiotic tweets Captain Clueless sends out. Any shut down will be the Republicans fault, not the Dems. If you remember the 1996 shut down was engineered by Newt Gingrich and 1013 by Ted Cruz. In both cases the Republican didn’t get crap for their efforts. Ain’t karma a bitch?

    Movie tip and I am serious, go see The Promise. Since the past is prologue, see what Turkey will become and right soon from what they did in the past.

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