The REAL Reason Hillary Lost???

Geesh, it’s been six months since the presidential election of 2016 that saw neophyte Donald Trump upset the Queen Bee herself and send her to a much needed retirement. And in that six month time, everyone (including me) has told you why Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Now the Democrats are telling us.

Apparently, Hillary Clinton lost the election for two reasons. The first, and about 70% of the reason was she was unable to get the people that voted for Barack Obama in 2012. The people that stayed with him from 2008 and 2012 went to Trump in 2016. Why? Because they weren’t happy with what they had seen. They decided that Hillary couldn’t do anything to improve their situation financially, socially, world-wide, etc. And Trump was MUCH better at telling the people he was going to fix the problem.

The second reason (accounting for the other 30% of the reason she lost) was because her base stayed home. Had blacks in Michigan actually bothered to vote in the same proportions that they had voted for Obama, Hillary would have won. The same can be said about blacks in Pennsylvania.

The overall takeaway from the loss, according to the Democrats is, they can’t give up the white male voter that overwhelmingly switched from Obama to Trump. If they rely on the Hispanic and black votes and forget about the white male middle class voter that has been their bread and butter for so many years, they lose. The math just isn’t there. So the Dems have a big problem on their hands.

It is this same group, the white male middle class voter that wanted the wall built (Hispanics didn’t). It was this same group that wanted Obamacare repealed (blacks didn’t). It was this same voter that wanted tax reform (ok…all did here). And it’s the same voter that felt that the country was going down the wrong path. Hillary didn’t address any of that to the point that it rang true with these folks.

And THAT was the real reason (according to the Democrats) why Hillary Clinton lost.

What I find absolutely funny about that entire explanation, which by the way, I agree with…is the fact that nowhere in the explanation did Russia’s influence show itself. Nowhere in that explanation was the name “James Comey” bandied about as a reason for the loss. Nowhere did the FBI investigation of Hillary’s home-brew email server, her many other scandals, and her foundation’s fiscal misdoings pop up. All of the excuses that Hillary Clinton gave for losing the election were somehow missing. What DID show up was the fact that she was a bad candidate that didn’t get her message out. And you could probably throw in, she campaigned in the wrong states at the wrong time, and forgot about states that Trump was making inroads with. Hmm…seems like we’ve heard that somewhere before!

I think the Dems could have saved themselves millions of dollars and just read my blog, don’t you?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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