So Just What IS Each Party Good At???

Watching the uber-leftist media at the White House Correspondents Dinner the other night got me to wondering. We know the left is terrible when it comes to broadcasting the news because they can’t do an unbiased job at it. If you disagree, you obviously haven’t watched much news lately. If you still disagree and you HAVE watched the news lately, you’re probably in need of some serious counseling.

But it got me wondering…what exactly is each party good for. I firmly believe that both Republicans AND Democrats ARE indeed needed in Washington. If you have one party control either way, you get a crap fest, and nobody needs that in that city…too much crap already being distributed…so let’s take a quick look at the strengths and weaknesses of both parties.

We’ll start with the GOP since they are in power. They have some pretty good, sound ideas on how things should be. They place a lot of stock in the constitution, which is good…and they feel that if we follow that document, it will lead to good things. OK, I’m fine with that so far. But their problem is, they don’t stand together and they really don’t know how to lead, which is strange. Most of the largest companies in America (and I’m not talking dot coms, or Microsoft) are run by conservatives. They not only developed management style, but perfected it. And on a city and state level, when the GOP takes over and runs a city or a state, it more often than not fixes the problems that was left by the other party. But in Washington, it’s a totally different story. The Republican leadership is terrible. Maybe that’s why none of the 16 men and women that fought for the nomination could win it…they were terrible leaders?

What the GOP does very well is follow the constitution, come up with sound ideas for keeping a small, but effective government, and a strong military. They aren’t much on social programs, trusting that it’s better to teach a man to fish…you get the idea. And if they don’t have the money, they don’t want to spend it.

Let’s look at the left. These guys are filled with some good ideas. I said some. Not a lot. Social Security, as it started out was a good idea. Then they added to it. Then they raided the funds. Then they watched it flounder. Same with the “War On Poverty”. Great idea, bad execution because the left tries to do too much. They don’t know when to stop. Oh, they will tell you it’s all the greatest plan in the world…until it flops (i.e.: Obamacare). And then they fall back on their tried and true method that they TRIED. They should get credit because they TRIED (and of course, failed).

What the Democrats do very well is lead. They stick together, mostly. Oh, we saw some fractures in this past election, but that was an anomaly because it was Hillary Clinton running. Bernie Sanders was able to plug in very nicely to the youth in America. That’s something that probably hasn’t happened since Bill Clinton was running…and probably won’t happen again for a long time. Democrats stick together. They circle the wagons. They aren’t going to throw each other under the bus until it becomes clear that there is no other alternative. And they don’t have to fall back on the GOP’s morality either. If a GOP Senator is caught screwing his secretary or a 15 year old girl, he’s dead meat. The Democrats will relish the fact that he “scored”. Just a difference in philosophy.

You need both. Democrats to run the show, the GOP to come up with the ideas. Too bad neither likes the way the other party’s strength plays with their own. The end result? Gridlock, and in government, there is nothing wrong with gridlock!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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