Streisand Shows It’s Time To Leave…

This one falls into the same category as the blog I wrote about Stephen Colbert…it goes in the “who cares what an entertainer thinks about politics” bin. It happened Friday night when a one-time very talented singer, Barbara Streisand, tried to stretch it too far, forgetting that there is a time and a place for everything and if you hang around too long, it shows. And it did.


What Streisand did during one of her “talk to the audience” moments was to deliver a monologue about how great two of her attendees were…Bill and Hillary Clinton. Of course, it needs to be said, Streisand has always been a FOB, and probably an even bigger FOH. That said, she went on ad nauseum about the accomplishments of Bill when president, and how the country would be so much better off if Hillary had actually gotten elected. Apparently, Streisand is a fan of economic malaise.


Again, as with Stephen Colbert, or Bill Maher, or any other entertainer that thinks the world has to hear what they think about all things political, what Barbara Streisand thinks outside of music, and maybe acting, is of no concern to most Americans. In fact, most Americans would rather NOT hear from people like that. Detroit doesn’t call me and ask me what I think of their latest new car they’ve dreamed up… I know nothing about cars. And Barbara Streisand knows nothing about politics.


What was interesting was toward the end of her concert, she mentioned that she had two more performances scheduled in the New York City area, and that would probably be it for her on the concert tour. She basically said she had other stuff to do. Well, she’s 75 years old…she’s not a spring chicken anymore, and there are only a few people that made a career as a singer that still have the chops to perform at 75. She by the way isn’t one of them. I’d put her in the same category as Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra (who sounded terrible at 75), Barry Manilow, the Beach Boys (who REALLY have lost the tight harmonies), and a bunch of others. In fact, the only group that I can recall hearing recently that still sounds great are  The Tokens, the guys that recorded the original version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. They performed here in the desert last year, and they still have it! That’s a tough song to sing, but they nailed every single note.


So, is it a shame if Barbara Streisand no longer performs? No…no more so than it being a shame that we don’t hear live performances from Ethel Merman (who died in 1984), or Annette Funicello (who died in 2013). When you no longer have the voice, you stop singing.  LOL…I guess you also stop singing when you die? When you can no longer perform at the level you did in your heyday, you retire or find something else you can do. And if Barbara is still in need of money, may I suggest heading over to her neighborhood Walmart. I hear they are looking for greeters!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    • Yeah…he’s a real trooper! Always liked his voice… of course, being a baritone in a “tenor world” of rock music, it was always tough!

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