Dems Throwing Out The “I-Word”

I have mentioned on a couple of other blogs that when you have no moral compass, it’s easy to change direction, and terribly difficult to know which way you are going. That in and of itself describes Democrats these days. These are the same folks that six months ago wanted to draw and quarter James Comey, and put his head on a spike outside the Capitol. And now, they are so in love with the guy because he’s called Trump “crazy”. Make up your mind people!


The one thing that Dems are starting to do, which shows their total inability to realize reality is, they are calling for “The I-Word”. Yup. With not enough members in either the House or the Senate to make anything happen, and losing the majority on the Supreme Court who would sit as judges in an impeachment hearing, Democrats are now starting to say that Trump should be impeached.


As we say in the desert…that is poo poo caca.


First of all, in order to get to an impeachment you need proof of wrong doing. It’s only happened twice in the 241 years of our nation. The first time, the guy was certainly guilty (that would be Andrew Johnson) and it was only by a single vote he wasn’t kicked out of office. The second time was more of a “we hate you” comment than a real attempt to get Bill Clinton kicked out of the White House because he lied about his affairs with various women (who wouldn’t?).


The Democrats are screaming for impeachment over Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, even though the former Director of National Intelligence for Obama, James Clapper, has said repeatedly he has no evidence of Trump or his staff being tied to Russia during the election. In fact, when you press the Dems to show you any evidence, you get the same tired story of, “where there is the accusation, you must investigate regardless of the evidence being there”. Of course, they didn’t say the same thing about Hillary Clinton, did they? It was a witch hunt back then (and that would be a pretty apt definition of her, I’d say).


So, why go after Trump now? Simple. The Democrats are so unhappy that they lost the election, they will do ANYTHING they can to get Trump out of office. Forget the fact the economy is doing better now than it has at any time Bobo Obama was president. Forget the fact Trump has single-handedly turned the jobs picture around (with REAL jobs, not part-time jobs that Obama counted in his numbers). Forget the fact that for the first time in eight years, our allies are starting to realize that they can depend on us again, and we’re not scared of our own shadows…as we were under the previous administration.


Now, I’m not saying that Donald Trump belongs up on Mount Rushmore. I AM saying that the things he has done so far have been for the most part correct. The jury will be out on James Comey, but I will say that you can’t piss off both sides of the aisle as much as Comey has and still expect to keep your job in Washington. That just doesn’t happen.


One other interesting fact that was missing during Obama’s reign of terror…when the Dems held the House and the Senate, the congressional approval numbers were in the toilet. With Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in charge, the ratings were usually in single digits. Today…according to Gallup, which is no conservative organization by the way, they are at 20%. That’s the highest approval numbers for congress in probably 15 years. I just found that to be an interesting fact!


Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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