Trump Must Learn To Deal With Leaks

It’s something every administration needs to learn how to deal with, and everyone that enters the White House has a problem with it because they’ve never encountered a fish tank approach from the media like this before. I’m talking about how everyone, needs to learn how to zip up leaks to the press.

Now, don’t get me wrong…as a former member of the media, the press LOVES leaks. They love to get their hands on juicy comments that could sway public opinion (especially their way). And I did too! When I was doing an interview with a congressman, or a mayor, or a governor, it was pure gold to get them to stumble and say something they didn’t want to say…but that’s them…not their staff. When a staff person picks up the phone, calls you and starts in on a topic, like how Trump is morose these days because he’s upset at the treatment he’s getting in the press over the firing of James Comey, of course it’s going to raise his ire. And it should.

And that’s why Trump needs to learn the same lesson 44 other presidents had to learn. Learn to zip up the leaks and fire the people causing them. It’s the only thing you can do!

That may mean firing people you otherwise think are doing a good job, or that you personally like, but that’s what you need to do. There are things that go on inside the White House, like any organization, that the public probably doesn’t need to know about, and would be embarrassing if they found out. Nixon had a hell of a time with leaks. So did Obama in his early days, so it’s not just limited to one party. And you’ve got to deal with it seriously, because if you don’t it will destroy your presidency.

That being said, the one thing Trump needs to realize is that this IS a tough job. It’s the toughest job he’s ever had. It’s unlike anything anybody ever worked at, or will work at again. There are so many irons in the fire at all time, and so many people out there waiting for you to stumble a little bit so they can knock you off your perch, you get absolutely no time to recover. But recover you must. And recover, Trump will. There won’t be an impeachment of Trump any more than there was an impeachment of Obama. And Democrats are just screaming because that’s what Democrats do best. It doesn’t matter if it’s Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi or any other of the band of idiots. It’s like the GEICO commercial. It’s what they do. Live with it, and move on to fixing the country.

Look, we were left in the worst shape possibly in the last 35 years after Obama left. Not since Jimmy Carter has the country faced so many problems that needed fixing. Oh, every president has some things that need fixing. But Obama didn’t fix anything in his time in office. He made things worse, and it needs to be fixed before it bankrupts the country. Trump is at least attempting to do it. And you have to do it with leaks and crybaby snowflakes who want to scream “impeachment” at every turn even though they have no proof what-so-ever you’ve done anything wrong.

It’s time for Trump to grow a pair, find the leaks and fire them, and get back to business and forget about the crybabies out there that are pissed they lost an election. They don’t matter anyway!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!