WaPo Hitting With More “Fake News”

When Katherine Graham and Ben Bradlee ran the Washington Post, it was a famed newspaper, and much like it’s older cousin, The New York Times, it has fallen on hard times. These days it seems that the Post (like the Times) is hell-bent on hiring only rejects from the tabloids on the checkout aisles at the Piggly Wiggly.

The latest smear to smudge an already blackened reputation at the Post comes with a story that Donald Trump gave classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister and the Russian Ambassador at their Oval Office meeting recently. The Post alleges that even though a) there isn’t a shred of evidence to back up the accusation, and b) they hide behind the ubiquitous “unnamed sources”. Well, I have an unnamed source that says that the Washington Post is full of caca, doesn’t research any of their stories and sits around the office at night drinking Jim Beam and seeing what stuff they can make up on Trump since he pulled their press credentials during the campaign. By the way…because I have an unnamed source saying all of that, it doesn’t make any of that true. The same goes for the Washington Post’s article.

This is slime journalism at its best. It’s the “Fake News” that Trump warned us about. There were only six people in the room with that meeting. The Russian Ambassador, and Foreign Minister, Donald Trump, Dana Powell, Rex Tillerson, and General H.R. McMaster, who said yesterday that as reported in the Post, the story is false. So, where is the source the Post cites? They don’t say, and won’t say. It’s another “Deep Throat” apparently, except this time, there’s no evidence of any wrong doing.

And so we’ve entered journalism in the 21st century. In what used to be an honorable and noble profession, it’s been turned into a bunch of whining crybabies that scream every time they don’t win an election, cry about the fact that they are being misheard and misunderstood, and can’t for the life of them wonder why We The People view them lower than the used car salesman with onion-breath and a cheap $8 sports jacket, smelling of last night’s hooker.

And it’s the same journalists that carp when we cry foul. When we catch them with their pants around their ankles after they have made up stories, or at the very least slanted them in such a way that the story has nothing in common with the truth, they are appalled that we call them out. They have lost our respect, and they have lost all dignity. The Washington Post belongs on the rack next to the National Enquirer, except for the fact the Enquirer probably doesn’t want to be associated with the Post.

And this is what we have sunk to in American politics. Journalists and losing parties that will do anything to see that the party in the White House, that should have been theirs in their own minds, is destroyed. They don’t care about libel. They don’t care about slander. They don’t care about the truth. They care only for power. It is their religion. And that is a very sad state of affairs.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!