Creating Diversions

If you were watching something that was good for you…something that was making you happy, and I didn’t want you to be happy, because I didn’t want the person making you happy to get the credit for it, what could I do? One thing I could do is create a diversion. I could have you look at the right hand (my diversion) so you couldn’t see what the left hand (whatever it was you were watching before) was doing. In some instances, what I would be doing is good. In some instances, particularly where it was making you happy and it was good for you, it would be bad.

That’s exactly what the Democrats are doing these days.

All of this talk about Russian interference in an election that they blew, all of the talk about the firing of James Comey, all of the talk about impeachment without any basis in fact or proof of any wrong-doing is just a diversion. And the sad thing is, it actually hurts you and me. It hurts the economy. It hurts the agenda.

The reason it hurts is because with all of this attention being paid on all of the negative stuff that the snowflakes are throwing at Trump, it takes attention away from an agenda that for all appearances, seems to be working. Look at what happened to the stock market on Wednesday after it was announced there was going to be a special prosecutor named to look into the Comey firing and the Russian influence stuff. It tanked big time. What has it been doing since Trump won the election? It’s been going up.

The economy has been on an uptick. Jobs are coming back and not just part time burger-flipping jobs, but REAL jobs in REAL industries. Trump has made a difference so far and the Dems can’t let that pass because he will get credit for doing what Obama failed to do for eight years…get the economy started in the right direction. So, they create diversions. This is the same move, by the way, that Obama used in the 2012 election. Talk about anything but the economy. Talk about anything but what he had done for the past four years. Talk about the weather, talk about Mitt Romney and his 47% comment, talk about how he’s out of touch, talk about the Red Sox, talk about talking. It worked then, and the Dems are betting that Americans are stupid enough that it will work now.

Except you have to pull that charade for four years. That’s a long time to hold someone’s attention. Eventually, this stuff wears out and people get back to following real news…and seeing what’s really happening in their lives. My God, it took all it took to keep the Hillary story alive for 18 months. How are these idiots going to do it for 48?

When you are desperate, you throw the Hail Mary. This is the Hail Mary that the Dems are hoping for. And they know that if they can take back the House in 2018, then nothing gets through congress the last two years of Trump’s first term and they have a shot at 2020, labeling Trump as “do-nothing”. It’s an interesting strategy…just too bad it hurts America in the meantime.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!