Michelle Ma Belle Is PISSED At Trump!

Don’t mess with big mama! That’s the word coming out of Michelle Ma Belle Obama these days. Oh, she’s pissed at Donald Trump. Why? Simple…he’s messing with her school lunch program.

It was one of the areas that Trump thought was unnecessary when it came time to look at Obama era programs to cut, and it was one of the first to go. And why not? It was terribly unpopular among school kids…it was equally as unpopular among their parents. And having seen it with my grandkids first hand, I have to tell you, no, there’s nothing wrong with wanting kids to eat good food like broccoli, or asparagus, but there IS something wrong with forcing a school to buy all that stuff and then throwing it away because no one eats it.

That is exactly what happens.

I visited my granddaughter’s school in Texas after Michelle Ma Belle put all of this nonsense into effect. Here’s what I noticed. As I sat down with my granddaughter as she tore into her McDonalds that her mother had brought, I noticed something. Nobody was in line to get food from the cafeteria. They all had McDonalds or Burger King bags. Oh, some may have had a Subway sandwich, but it was all fast food. See, what Michelle Ma Belle didn’t realize what she had done is she had forced all of the moms out there to forego their normal routines, and every day, stop by and pick up a fast food lunch and deliver it to their beloved child. The kids weren’t eating Michelle’s pick for food. I asked the lunch lady at the “veggie counter” what she did with all of the leftover food (there was a lot of it!), and she told me that they threw it away…she said it was the most boring job in the world because nobody came through the lunch line anymore.

So I beg the question, Michelle Obama aside of being pissed that schools don’t have to waste their meager money on throwing fresh veggies away, which is better for kids…a modicum of a nutritional diet from lunch lady Dora, or McDonalds for lunch every day? Trump obviously felt lunch lady Dora needed some love and opted to go back to the way things were (which by the way is the option most school districts were opting for, even at the threat of losing federal funding).

I would say that Michelle has a good idea, and yes, we need to feed our kids correctly. But what the Obama’s failed to learn is the same lesson Democrats and liberals fail to learn on a daily basis…you can’t legislate morality. It didn’t work with prohibition, and it won’t work trying to legislate the size of soft drink you buy in New York City, or the amount of times you go to McDonalds. The snowflakes need to wake up and realize they are the ones that are wrong, and need to change their tune.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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