Gloria Steinem At It Again

I will hand it to Gloria Steinem, if nothing else she is persistent. And there isn’t much else she is. She’s not very intelligent. She’s not very well spoken. She’s not actually good looking or sensible. But she is persistent. She’s also a little wacko. She told an audience recently during one of those sit down and be asked a bunch of questions by someone else sitting down type of deals, that the REAL reason for climate change? Well, I’ll quote her directly:

“Are you kidding me? If we had not been systematically forcing women to have children they don’t want or can’t care for over the 500 years of patriarchy, we wouldn’t have the climate problems that we have. That’s the fundamental cause of climate change.”

There you have it. The fundamental reason behind global change warming climate is the fact that for 500 years, women couldn’t get an abortion! And of course, it’s all man’s fault…because for the longest time, men were the ones that actually made the rules.

Forget the fact that Earth can take care of itself. Forget the fact the Earth has cooled and warmed on its own for millions of years before man ever came along. Forget the fact that regardless what is done by man, it’s not going to change how the earth warms and cools one iota. Forget all of that. It’s a simple equation for Gloria Steinem. If you take away abortion, you are going to shove us all into extinction because of global change warming climate (or whatever it’s called this week).

This is one whacked out woman.

Now, in her hey-day, Gloria Steinem was this really loud-mouthed, really vocal feminist that started “Ms. Magazine”, and no…it didn’t stand for Multiple Sclerosis. It was because she didn’t want married women to be called “Mrs.”. She felt somehow that label was unbecoming of a woman and would stop her from reaching her full potential. What really was her goal was to allow women who weren’t finding men to marry the right to feel good about themselves, and for that I applaud her. For the rest of her nonsense, she needs to retire, and sip daiquiris all day somewhere. Her time has come and gone. The ERA (Equal Rights Amendment for those of you under 45) failed miserably and won’t be coming back soon.

This is just one of the things wrong with the left. They come up with these inane statements about stuff just to get attention. They can’t mean it…I mean, are they that stupid? These are supposed to be the most progressive, best read, smartest people on the planet (if you listen to them), and they are coming up with stuff like this? And they chided Ronald Reagan for saying that trees were taking up all the oxygen???

When people stop listening to liberal-speak, this country will get back on track, and not before. You don’t run a country, a government, or a company, trying to please every person in it. You will go crazy trying to do it. Maybe that’s liberals’ problem. They’ve tried for so long to be so inclusive and have yet to realize they can’t ever achieve that dream.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!