Trump Hits Another Home Run

David Clarke isn’t exactly a household name, yet. But if you know the name, you know the people in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin have a Sheriff that is pretty on the ball. In fact, I’d say he’s taken over the mantle of “America’s Sheriff” when Joe Arpaio was retired last November.

Well, David Clarke has his eyes on bigger prizes, and you have to give Donald Trump and his Department of Homeland Security a huge pat on the back for recognizing talent when they see it. Clarke has been named Assistant Secretary in the Department of Homeland Security. It’s a huge step up for him, and it’s well deserved. In an area of the country that is typically pretty snowflake-ridden, Clarke is a breath of fresh air. He uses common sense and a conservative background approach to his job, and it shows.

The whole point here isn’t to slap Donald Trump on the back for his appointment in this case. It’s much bigger than that. It goes far beyond one appointment. Look at the quality of people that Donald Trump has appointed and that are now working for the US government. The top posts, and even the Assistant Secretary posts, like the one Clarke received, are being filled with quality people from top to bottom. THAT is how you can tell you have a top notch leader at the helm.

Compare the people that Trump has put in place with the people Obama did. Obama threw people like Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton at us. These were people, who while having book smarts, had no ability to do the job they did. And where did it lead us? It lead to a total of 21 scandals of the Obama administration in the first 12 months.

Now, I will point out Trump has had two such “trumped up” scandals…at least trumped up so far (yes, that’s a play on words). The James Comey firing and the whole Russian influence thing are the only two scandals Trump has had in five months in office. Compare that to the 21 that Obama had in his first 365 days. Oh…wait…my liberal friends want those detailed. I wrote about that earlier. Do some research… they are archived here. Go back and read them. Yes…it’s going to require a little digging, but you can’t always depend on others to do your homework for you!

So congratulations to Donald Trump for actually making another supremely grand appointment and hiring someone out of their ability to do the job rather than cronyism. I think time will certainly show that while yes, Trump is suffering from the same thing every first term president in the past several have suffered from…an inability to hit the ground running because of the muck the opponents in congress throw at him, he is choosing good people. And good people beats mudslinging every time.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Trump Hits Another Home Run

  1. Clarke is good, but he’s a lightening rod for controversy, unfortunately. Perhaps a principled man, but he needs to strengthen a few character flaws. Maybe this appointment will help.

  2. Well Desert, what can I say, this appointment is only a home run if you are playing T-ball with a bunch of five year olds.

    If Bootjack Joe Arpaio had spent his life in tanning bed, you would not be able to tell these two clowns apart. Clarke’s record as sheriff in Milwaukee is offensive. Aside from being hardly around as he travels the country giving speeches (probably not free either) doing his hard ass tough on crime act, people were dying in his jail. His deputies deprived one inmate (convicted of nothing) who was mentally ill of water for seven days, consequently the man died of dehydration, an ugly way to go. A woman went into labor crying out for help which was ignored, both woman and child died. Where in his family values is this covered? Detainees on suicide watch are not watched and subsequently hanged themselves. This also does not account for all the deputy led beatings with no subsequent medical attention that has occurred there. Clarke’s dense, I wasn’t there. Maybe you should spend more time doing your job than jetting around saying how you want to do your job. Theophilus, this is a character flaw, this is criminal.

    Then there was that incident on a plane recently that when the plane landed in Milwaukee he had four of his deputies come on board and arrest a man because the sheriff “didn’t like the way he looked at me.” So after the humiliation of being arrested, dragged off to jail and held, he was subsequently released with no charges being filed. Aside from false arrest and unlawful detention, I think I found this tear’s winner of the Heimlich Himmler Humanitarian award.

    Now it comes out that there was plagarism on his master’s thesis. Did this idiot ever read the college’s style sheet that explains things like this? He also gets to carry a gun.

    His appearance is a jole, cowboy boots and that ridiculous hat, there are no cowboys in Wisconsin and he looks like one of the Village People.

    So now he is in Homeland Security, this guy could not protect a warm cup of piss.

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