Obama Administration DID Violate Constitution

While the snowflakes on Capitol Hill were scurrying around, hoping to find a shred of evidence that the Russians had some influence over the presidential election, and more specifically had an “in” with people in the Trump campaign, it was learned that for the past seven years, the Obama Administration not only broke the law, they shredded the Constitution along the way.

Oh, you probably won’t hear about this on the mainstream media yet. It’s going to take time for the story to get its legs. But I will tell you that the legs that will grow under this will make the Hillary Clinton Home Brew Server Scandal seem like a Saturday In The Park (yes…a reference to the Chicago song).

What apparently happened is that the FISA Court (The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) had jumped all over the Obama Administration back in 2011 for failing to put safeguards in place that would stop the NSA for spying on normal, everyday citizens without cause. That is exactly what had been happening under Obama (as Edward Snowden pointed out). And The NSA and the Obama Administration chose instead of fixing the problem, to exacerbate it by continuing to destroy the Fourth Amendment rights of thousands upon thousands of Americans by spying on them illegally.

What this means in terms of what will happen and what should happen are the differences between night and day. What should happen is that everyone involved, including the former president, should be brought up on charges, convicted and sent off to a nice cushy prison like Sing Sing (or maybe they could re-open Alcatraz?) for a very long time. What will happen? There will end up being a fall guy somewhere, someone who’s name you and I don’t know yet, that will end up being thrown in jail for 10 years or so to rot away as the scapegoat, so Bobo and his henchmen can continue to play golf together in style.

What this actually means is that every single snowflake that has been screaming bloody murder about collusion in the election, every single Democrat who is crying that Trump should be impeached should take solace in the fact that their guy skated for eight years and this was found out only after he left office. This IS an impeachable offense, and most assuredly would have brought an early end to Bobo’s reign of terror.

I want to hear Chuck “The Forehead” Schumer and Nancy “I’m An Alien” Pelosi apologize to Donald Trump for all of their mis-statements and lies (and the same goes for Harry Reid) over the past year and a half. Anything Donald Trump has done pales in comparison to the illegal, immoral, unethical, and stupid moves by Obama and his people. This makes Watergate look like a picnic. Watergate was wrong, and Nixon should have hung for it (and yes…Ford was wrong for pardoning him), but this makes that break-in look so childish it isn’t funny. Obama’s entire term should be wiped off the face of history as though it never existed. And he and his clan should rot in prison for the rest of their lives. CONVICTED!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    In NYC, Schumer is known as, “The Eel”; Online (InfoWars), somebody called him a funnier name, “The Deli Counter Clerk”.

    The whole issue I believe is rooted in the Patriot Act, which morphed into some criminal enterprise.

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