Let It Go, Podesta!

Well, you can’t really blame John Podesta. The guy that was the campaign chairman for the worst presidential candidate in United States history, who’s 60,000 emails provided enough impetus to deny his boss the White House in the waning days of an election that could be called one of the muddiest on record, is finally speaking out on his life’s greatest failure…his inability to get Hillary Clinton her dream of the Oval Office.

Podesta spoke at a Global Politico event, where he made comments like, “Donald Trump is unfit for office”. “His actions are absolutely crazy”. “He has a complete disregard for the truth”. And of course, Podesta blames everything that happened last November, not on himself (that would be very un-liberal like!), and not on Hillary Clinton and all of the mistakes the campaign made, but on Russia, and James Comey, and Donald Trump’s “lies”.

Get over it John. It’s over. You lost. I know you’re angry, but frankly this isn’t a very flattering look on you.

This is the problem that Democrats have to really get down and deal with. They are so inflamed over the election seven months after it’s over that they can’t see straight. They are so upset that Donald Trump won the White House and that they didn’t win the House and Senate back that they are willing to do absolutely anything to get it back. And they are absolutely livid at the prospect that the GOP could actually reach the 60 seat threshold in the Senate to shut down debate and filibusters in the future… not that it would matter if Mitch McConnell decides to invoke the “nuclear option” and do away with that rule altogether (which is rumored).

Podesta was a huge part of the problem of the Clinton campaign, other of course, than the candidate herself, who wouldn’t speak to the press, wouldn’t take questions, wouldn’t address her scandal issues, and never listened to her higher-ups that thought the campaign was doing it all wrong. To the campaign, and more specifically Robbie Mook and Podesta, they had the campaign in the bag, but let it slip away because they didn’t get the Democrat message across, instead wasting valuable campaign stops trying to demonize Donald Trump and make him appear worse than Hillary Clinton to the voters. Most people had already made their mind up. Except those in Wisconsin, and Michigan, and Ohio, and Pennsylvania, who were slowly slipping away from Democrat control and moving to the GOP because Trump campaigned there and Clinton didn’t. Isn’t that what the DNC’s post-mortem said about the whole election? Why can’t Podesta accept what the party believes is the reason they lost?

Well, the biggest reason is, he’d have to accept the fact that he screwed up. It was a lot of his own fault. John, you have to deal with the fact you’re not as good as you thought you were, and you lost when you should have won. Go seek counseling and get over it. We’ll all feel better if you do!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Let It Go, Podesta!

  1. The irony of it all is, they, the Democrats/liberals and Hillary (all in the same) did everything the could during the campaign season to make sure Trump was their opponent! They got what they ask for just not what they hoped for!

    • Trump won the campaign because he didn’t make the campaign about Hillary, he made it about “Making America Great Again”. She made it about who the worst person is…herself or Trump.

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