What AHCA CBO Numbers Really Mean

So the Congressional Budget Office came out with their “scoring” of the Americans Health Care Act this week. And, to absolutely no one’s surprise it showed something for everyone. For snowflakes on Capitol Hill, it showed that 23 million Americans would be uninsured under the plan that passed the House. For the Republicans, it showed that the cost would save $120 Billion over the next decade.

So, what does this all mean?

Absolutely nothing. That’s right. Absolutely nothing. Yes, Chuck “The Forehead” Schumer can cry on the Senate floor or to anyone that will listen that some 23 million people will be uninsured when this is done. Yes, Paul Ryan can claim that costs will be lower, and Americans will be saving money because of the bill the Republicans have passed. Both are true (well, almost). Actually, there’s no truth to the rumor that 14 million people that are currently insured will lose their insurance. And actually, there’s no truth to the rumor that the bill will save $120 Billion over the next ten years. It’s all hogwash. That’s because the CBO that does the scoring is so bad at this that their numbers are pretty meaningless. So, let’s see the numbers

The CBO says that 14 million Americans will be without healthcare insurance if AHCA passes. Of course this is the same group that said that there would be 23.3 million Americans signed up with Obamacare by now. By Obama’s inflated numbers that number wasn’t even half of that! By any count that doesn’t add in the expanded Medicaid (which could have happened anytime anyway), only 3 million uninsured people got on the Obamacare bandwagon. The CBO was WAY off base!

The cost factor is way off. The CBO said the cost of Obamacare over 10 years would be less than one Trillion dollars. It’s already far exceeded that number and today, to even GET to the 10 year mark, the US government (that’s you and me) would have to pony up another $4.7 TRILLION on top of the $3.2 TRILLION that we’ve already wasted on this white elephant. That’s $7.9 TRILLION spent on something that was supposed to cost less than a trillion! How exact was that! And the CBO said that there would be 23.3 million Americans getting their health insurance through healthcare.gov. The actual number (Medicaid included) was 10.4 million after some numbers fudging by the Obama administration.

The end result here is the CBO is terrible at projecting this type of thing. For them to even come out with a forecast is nothing but media fodder, and doesn’t have anything to do with reality. They are rarely right when it comes to predicting costs, and even worse off when they are asked to make guesses on how successful things like Obamacare or AHCA are going to be in the American public (remember…the CBO said Obamacare would catch on and be a big hit!).

In the end, the CBO numbers mean nothing. The snowflakes screaming about it mean nothing. The whole thing is the congress needs to dump Obamacare before it bankrupts the country, and go back to the system that wasn’t broke before this whole abortion started in the first place. Stop trying to legislate what Americans do with their money, and concentrate on what it is governments should do…print money, arm and maintain an armed forces, protect the borders. The rest is to keep out of our lives (are you listening NSA???)

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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