Somebody FINALLY Gets It!

In what seems like an eternity, an ever growing number of serious scientists that have recanted earlier testimony to what obviously was a blackmail situation, and governmental agencies world-wide using phony tactics to scare the world’s population into believing that taking little Jimmy to soccer practice in an SUV, while the politicians and “globalists” of the world fly around it in private jets, someone has found sanity. Donald Trump has decided enough was enough and has pulled the United States out of the Paris Accord of global change climate warming…or whatever it’s called this week.

In saying very succinctly that he represents the people of Pittsburgh, not Paris, Trump said enough. He said that the Obama administrations’ goal of throwing American money and jobs (as well as the entire economy) down the toilet for something that can’t be proven mankind is a fault for, is over. And of course, that upset Bobo. Obama had a prepared statement that hit even before Trump finished speaking saying that the US is one of a handful of nations that “reject the future”. Actually Bobo, we reject falsified temperature readings by NOAA. We reject false data from scientists whose very existence is dependent on getting grant money from the US government. We reject your wanting to allow our economy to stagnate (as it did for eight years under you), while you allow places like China and India to pollute to beat the band. That is what we reject. We don’t reject clean air and water. We don’t reject being good stewards of the earth. We reject money grabs. We reject lies. We reject you.

I actually felt some freedom as Trump made his announcement. Oh, I know the Dems and the snowflake liberals out there think we are going to throw the earth on the garbage heap with this announcement. But what most of them are too dumb to realize is, this was nothing more than a left-wing power and money grab. If the left can control your healthcare through Obamacare, and control how you feel about the climate (which changes anyway), then they pretty much can control everything you can do in your life. You pretty much are dependent on the United Nations to tell you when you can flush, when you can go to work (and how you’ll get there), and what you can throw away and what you can’t. And the problem isn’t the United States. The problem isn’t mankind at all. The problem is that the earth goes in cycles…which is the only explanation of an ice age and the end of an ice age. It happened thousands of years (maybe millions?) before man walked on the planet. So, if the earth could cool to that extent, and warm to the extent that it causes the Great Lakes to be formed, all without mankind, who is to say that mankind is the reason for this particular period in our history? The answer is, regardless what science tells you, they don’t know. They don’t have a clue. And they also don’t have a lot of credibility when it comes to this topic either.

Congratulations President Trump. It took guts to stand up to the uber-left wing snowflakes who want to grab power and money. Keep up the good work, and maybe…just maybe…America WILL be great again someday!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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