Scott Pelley To Leave CBS Evening News – Kathy Griffin Set To Take Over?

Scott Pelley, who took over the CBS Evening News from Katie Couric after her tumultuous failure, has decided to step away from the anchor chair and focus solely on his role on 60 Minutes. That announcement was greeted by a rather large yawn by folks in the industry.

Pelley, who is a highly awarded journalist, and not bad as an anchor (certainly a LOT better than his predecessor) failed to get any new audience with his “return to a more traditional news style”. Couric, basically had tried to “upgrade” the nightly news with her “neato, neato” style of reporting and failed miserably. Pelley couldn’t get hold of any new audience because quite frankly, nobody watches the Big Three networks anymore for news coverage. I mean, you’ve got Fox News, CNN, MSNBC all covering every little story like it was Armageddon 24/7, so why on earth would you need a network news cast that’s only 30 minutes long (22 when you take out commercials), and covers only the basics?

Rumored to be replacing Pelley is anti-funny comedienne, Kathy Griffin, who recently posted a picture of herself with a severed head of Donald Trump, ala ISIS terrorist. Of course, she caught all sorts of flak for that, as she should have, but she feels it’s the perfect launching spot for her to jump into a network anchor spot. “I think it would be great. After all, I’ve done ‘The D-List With Kathy Griffin’ for years and about six people have seen it, so why shouldn’t I do something in a news vein?” It does make some sense. It would be one way to broom out the remaining old farts that are still watching network news on CBS.

What really needs to happen on all of the networks, seriously, is that they need to realize that they lost the news battle in the first Gulf War. CNN took control of national and international news back then when they went out and covered the war minute by minute. People like Wolf Blitzer became household names because of it. And the networks have poured money into their newscasts ever since (it’s been almost 30 years!), trying to get an audience back that doesn’t care about them any more. In fact, it’s so bad because now, the cable news channels are starting to lose out to the internet as a source for news.

Don’t get me wrong. There are still more people watching network news than some of the news channels, but that ship has sailed. The networks just don’t want to give up what they see as their prestige in covering news events. Media has passed them by. So has cable news channels, and now the internet. There is a very good reason why people are cutting the cord to cable and satellite TV and going with things like Hulu Plus and Sling TV…it’s cheap, it’s reliable, and it covers everything you need.

Kathy Griffin as news anchor for CBS? It may work…but then again, they could always get the homeless guy that sleeps near the garbage bin behind the studios.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Scott Pelley To Leave CBS Evening News – Kathy Griffin Set To Take Over?

  1. Well Desert, I am sad to see Scott go as he presented an intelligent newscast. The word around the campfire is CBS axed him because he kept calling out The Orange Baboon as a lying sack of shit, which he is. Evidently Baboon Boy was upset over Scott’s continual criticism because he watches a lot of TV instead of reading briefing books like normal presidents. Actually the Orange Muskrat said he is proud that he does not read books, which explains Diane’s nine year old granddaughter has a better vocabulary, actually her four year granddaughter has a better vocabulary. Sad.

    I welcome Kathy Griffin as an anchor as some dumb shit on the campaign trial once said “What do have to lose?” I loved her picture of Trump’s head as it is not a vital organ with him. As for Barron being upset, get over you little privileged snot, this is real life, get use to it. Think of what the Obama family had to put up with with picture of them as chimps, etc., including that 70’s loser Ted Nugent and his assault rifle.

    As for commercial news dying, I would agree with you. the interesting thing is that the MSNBC block of Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell were number one in May (important sweeps month, but I know you know that) beating Fox News and their team of has beens along with conspiracy nut job and overall loudmouth idiot, Sean (“I’m an entertainer not a journalist, asshole”) Hannity. Yes Virginia, since the rotting corpse of serial sex fiend Roger Ailes and his faithful sexual harassment settlement apprentice, Billo the Clown have left, Fox has just turned into Moron Central. The Murdoch boys want to turn Fox into a serious news station, good luck with that. I understand there is a homeless person that is available, what do you have to lose?

    • Wait a minute. Are you even trying to suggest that CBS would LISTEN to Trump and fire Pelley because Trump wanted it? You’re sounding more and more like Nancy Pelosi every post! I think we’re going to have to check and see if you are really from this planet!!!

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