The Victim Card

With the exception of tying in Kathy Griffin to the Scott Pelley story of him leaving (or being asked to leave, whichever you believe) CBS Evening News, I’ve stayed away from the whole Kathy Griffin severed head thing. And I have done so for a very simple reason. It was an obvious attempt from a fourth-rate star (by her own admission) that wanted to generate attention to herself. And that she did.

And while I was going to let this whole escapade slide as another idiot Hollywood liberal trying to get the cameras to show her on TV to boost an already toileted career (I think I just coined a new word there), when she came out to do her “Victim Card Press Conference”, she crossed the line, and so the gloves come off.

First of all, Kathy Griffin is NOT a victim of anything. SHE was the one that started this whole mess. SHE was the one that posed for the picture of her holding a “severed head” likeness of Donald Trump as if she was some sort of ISIS terrorist. SHE was the one that told the photographer, “Well, if they don’t like it, I guess we can move to Mexico”. So, SHE knew ahead of time this may not turn out well. And it didn’t.

So, for this crybaby snowflake to then sob for the cameras and say that she was a victim because Donald Trump, his son, his wife (and pretty much both sides of the political spectrum) have “ruined her”, and her career is over because of it, and that she is actually the victim in all of this is a load of, as we say in the desert, caca. It was the best acting job of here career, however. Kathy Griffin needs to do what liberals everywhere need to do; take some damn personal responsibility for your actions. Yeah, you meant it as a joke. Yeah, you went way overboard with it, and no, it wasn’t the least bit funny. By the way, it wasn’t the least bit funny when conservatives posted a target over Barack Obama either. Assassination is NOT humorous, I don’t care who is in the White House!

So, let’s get one thing straight here. Kathy Griffin is losing money big time because of a stupid stunt that she pulled. She is crying about it because only the most liberal snowflakes in Hollywood are telling her it was ok to do it. And you won’t be seeing her on CNN, or her comedy tour anytime soon. I guess the only place you may see her is if you watch old Seinfeld reruns and watch the two episodes she was on, which is two episodes too many if you ask me. It was wrong to do what she did. She should have lost her gigs, and let this be a lesson to the other people out there on both sides of the aisle. You don’t make fun of killing a president of the United States. It’s not funny, and it’s not a joke.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “The Victim Card

  1. Well Desert, “you don’t make fun of killing the president.” So the 70’s pants shitter and one hit wonder, Ted Nugent is off the hook, unless you believe his cockamayme explanation that he was being “metaphorical.” Maybe Kathy Griffin was being metaphorical. Oh yeah, she can’t be because she is a liberal and we are not allowed to be. Evidently only trumpsters patsies are allowed to be metaphorical.

    • Nope…Ted Nugent was wrong as well. As I said, it doesn’t matter who is in the White House…it’s ALWAYS wrong. Gotta read the whole piece there, Snarky!

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