Ready For Hillary In 2020?

Scary thought, right? Yeah…that’s what I thought. Apparently though, the rumors have already started. The Queen of the Cough got through her blistering speech against Donald Trump while delivering a commencement address at Wellesley College this past Friday, and the rumors started. “Is Hillary going to run again in 2020?” became the cry. Rahm Emanuel, the Godfather of Chicago, was asked that question, and did he waffle! By the way, the guy is not a very good waffler. He ended up spouting something about it “not being a good question”.

So, should Hillary run again? I think every conservative and moderate in the country at this point would be screaming, “YES!” To have her attempt a third run at the White House, with no real job to connect to over four years, would basically put her as a sitting duck. She obviously hasn’t learned the lessons on why she lost the last two elections in the first place. So why would she try?

Let’s put it this way. Hillary will be 73 in 2020. That’s not terribly old (it’s getting younger every day!), but she’s not in the best of health. Her coughing fits are back, and raising more questions than ever. The only reason you probably aren’t hearing them is, she’s not in the spotlight anymore, and only occasionally makes appearances (gee…kinda like when she ran for president?). But overall, in this day and age, to run for president and lose more than twice is almost unheard of. It flashes back to a Republican that tried forever to get the White House, Harold Stassen starting back in the 40’s, who ran for president no fewer than eight times (not all of the were serious runs), and before than Henry Clay who ran (seriously) five times for three different parties.

Typically, when you run for president and lose, you go into hiding for a while unless you’re Rick Santorum and don’t get the message. Oh, there have been others that have tried again and again, like Mike Huckabee, but typically once or twice and you’re pretty much branded a loser by not only your party but the nation as well. For Hillary Clinton to toss her name into the ring again would be fool hardy, and I’ll go out on a limb right now that she’d never make it through the primaries. Don’t forget, there’s a woman from Massachusetts (who claims to be of Native American heritage) that wants that post eventually. A Hillary run in 2020 would pit the two of them together. While it would be fun, it wouldn’t be wise for someone like Hillary.

No, Hillary, you should go gentle into that good night. It’s time for you to enjoy your grandchildren, and be quiet. You have tried to succeed in life, and you ended up failing at the jobs, but became a multi-millionaire. In a lot of people’s minds, that would make you a winner in and of itself. Don’t try to cap off the career by running a third time. We already know you’re a loser. Don’t ingrain it in our minds!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Ready For Hillary In 2020?

  1. Surely they could find someone else for their party. (Wouldn’t know who, but…) I certainly wouldn’t want to take a chance on her AGAIN. Good grief. We cannot lose. We must keep it 8 years or we will not be in a very good spot.

    • Hey…she’s STILL gotta get by competition within the party to get the nomination, and I’ve heard rumblings that Bernie is thinking about running again (he’ll be 78), and Elizabeth Warren will most assuredly be running. I don’t think Hillary will have a chance of getting the nod from the Dems.

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