Ready For Hillary, Part Two

As if one Hillary story a week weren’t far too many, you get two. Hillary, fresh off her commencement speech at Wellesley College a week ago, decided to head to The Code Conference, a tech gathering in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California this past week. There she had yet another meltdown that suggested not all was right with the former presidential candidate mentally speaking.

Hillary went into nauseating detail about how it wasn’t just the Russians that she was upset with. It was WikiLeaks. But it wasn’t just WikiLeaks…it was also James Comey. But it wasn’t just James Comey. It was also misogyny. And it wasn’t just misogyny. There were two other bandits that helped steal HER election from her. There was an American aligned with the Trump campaign, working in cahoots with a family in Britain that was behind the Brexit vote that gave Trump reams and reams of data and analytics on what people were thinking, and how to best tap into it. And then came the bombshell. It was also the fault of the Democratic National Committee. Yup. Obama’s DNC was at fault as well. Because as Hillary puts it, they were bankrupt. They were totally devoid of anything useful.

It makes one wonder what happened to all of that mined data that gave Bobo his victories in 2008 and 2012 in the first place. Hillary said it was all wrong. It wasn’t useful at all. Well Hillary, it got Bobo elected not once but twice, and the second time with the economy in the toilet. We were told how great their analytics were, remember? They could tell which individual voted, who needed a phone call or a ride to the polls that day, and it was updated in real time, remember? What happened in four years that you got none of that stuff?

The one person that Hillary didn’t blame one bit for the loss, was Hillary Clinton. She didn’t say it was Robbie Mook’s fault or John Podesta’s fault for telling her to go to Arizona and campaign in the closing days of the campaign, and forget about making stops in Wisconsin, or Michigan, or Pennsylvania, three states that she thought she had sewn up, but cost her the election. Whose fault was that? I doubt the Russians were behind voter suppression in Michigan or Pennsylvania. I don’t think you can blame James Comey for giving Donald Trump the win in Wisconsin. I think the only person you can blame in a situation like that is the candidate. After all, why wasn’t she asking the question that late in the campaign why they hadn’t made one stop in Michigan, or Wisconsin?

Yes, Hillary is very angry still. She’s a very angry person that says she got through the loss with a lot of Chardonnay. That begs the question, would it have been good for the country to allow someone with a potential drinking problem, not to mention health issues (she’s wearing those funky glasses again and having coughing fits) to take the helm of the country?

Face it Hillary. You were the worst candidate in US history, so you have set some sort of history for yourself, right?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    When they play the game, and don’t play by Clinton rules, its cheating. If Hillary loses, everyone was cheating. You are right was the worse candidate in history; even with massive cheating she couldn’t win.

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