Cali Once Again Leading The Way…

Do you want to see what a single-payer health care system would look like? Well, for decades, people in politics have looked to the west to see what the progressive state of California was trying out. Most of it is garbage as we all know, but some of it became the law of the nation. And today, Cali is once again trying to set the national agenda…with healthcare.

California’s state senate has just passed a bill that would give Californians single-payer (read that as socialized medicine) healthcare. The bill was basically passed by the Democrats in the senate and now heads to the assembly for their vote. The cost? Over $400 Billion. How are they going to pay for it?

They don’t have a clue.

As one senator retorted, “If we cut every single program and expense out of the state budget, we would only be half way to paying for this bill. We just don’t have the money to pay for it”. But that hasn’t stopped California before, and it probably won’t stop them again.

What it does do is give us a really clean look at what would happen if the United States decided to go socialized medicine. Oh, it will take some time for the effects to become known, but the overall effect is going to do one thing, and it’s not supply millions of Cali residents with healthcare that they still don’t have under Obamacare. It’s going to push California right over the edge as far as bankruptcy is concerned. But that’s ok with the west coast snowflakes, because they don’t ever worry about money. It’s never about money…it’s about helping those in need…even if it bankrupts everyone in their state. At least they tried.

And that is exactly what is going to happen if the United States makes the ill-fated step toward socialized medicine and doesn’t just plain out repeal Obamacare. That plan is going to bankrupt America, much like California’s plan will do it to their state. The only problem is, when America needs to be bailed out, they are going to have to turn to Beijing to do it, and that won’t be a pretty picture.

Republicans and Democrats alike have to learn somehow that insurance was never meant to be a free ride when it came to healthcare. It was meant to be a stop-gap. It was meant to be used in the event of a catastrophic illness or emergency, when the medical bills pile up faster than you can afford to pay. It’s not meant to be used to stop the sniffles or when you have an itch. And that is the major problem with rising healthcare costs in America today.

You want to lower healthcare costs? You do the the same thing I did to my kids when they wanted to buy a car. You make them pay for a majority of it (and the insurance). That means they now have a stake in the car, and everyone should have a stake in the cost of healthcare. If you have to think twice about going to the doctor because you’re not really sure you are sick, and you’re going to be socked with a $100 bill, then you don’t go. Isn’t it time Americans became responsible again?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!