Snowflake Justice

Do you want to know the real difference between conservatives and liberals? Conservatives basically (though not entirely) believe that we are a nation of laws and as such we need to follow those laws. That means that from time to time people sometimes get caught because they’ve broken the law and they need to be punished for that. Liberals on the other hand believe that just because you’ve broken a law doesn’t mean anything…especially if it’s a law that they don’t agree with.

And when something happens whereby a snowflake judge can’t allow lawbreakers to skate scot-free because he/she doesn’t agree with the law, they feel that they are being humiliated as human beings. Let me give you an example. Over in the 9th circus Court of Appeals (in San Francisco, so you know where this is going), Judge Stephen Reinhardt, who was never elected, but was appointed to the 9th circus, is upset because Donald Trump signed an executive order on January 25th that basically allowed Department of Homeland Security officials and ICE agents the ability to do their jobs and catch people that are here illegally and deport them. Hmm…it would seem that most people that would be in charge of making sure people follow the law would think that’s a good thing. Not so with Justice Reinhardt, who is incensed that he is being humiliated by President Trump. He’s not allowed to keep an illegal alien in the country, simply because he wants to.

No, I wish I were joking here. It’s this kangaroo court style justice that you see too often in the 9th circus… which by the way is the most overturned appellate court in the country. This is the mentality of people that are being appointed to the bench by liberals like Bobo Obama, and Jimmy Carter (who appointed him before leaving office). It is this type of circular logic that defies our legal process almost from the most basic element. You are not breaking the law if you have been trod upon by society. You are free to enter the country illegally because you were somehow treated unfairly in the country you came from. And you are just trying to seek a better life for yourself and maybe your family. What’s so wrong about that?

There’s nothing wrong with that, other than the fact that you’ve entered the country illegally. Had you actually gone through the process of coming into the country legally, like most immigrants do, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, and you’re entitled to take a stab at the Great American Dream. But just because you made it here doesn’t mean you should be allowed to stay here. Until Mexico recently realized that the way they dealt with illegal aliens was harsher than the United States’ policy, and so they changed it to be much more lenient, the Mexican judicial system was simple. You got thrown in jail for being in their country illegally. There was no dancing around the subject or feeling sorry for you. It was only after the US decided to try and emulate that law that Mexico got more liberal in their admission policies. That doesn’t make it right.

Sorry Judge Reinhardt, but if you feel humiliated because the President is making you follow the law (which you should be doing in the first place), then maybe the bench isn’t the place you should be putting your rear end. Maybe you ought to be down on the border somewhere…or in another country helping folks do it the right way.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!