Yes, there was a major bombshell at the Comey Hearing on Capitol Hill yesterday. Former FBI Director James Comey put a record number of Senators asleep with what has been called one of the biggest wastes of television airtime since coverage of the Obama presidency.

No fewer than six Senators took catnaps during the testimony on Thursday, as the droning went on and on for two and a half hours. It was supposed to go longer, but the networks all called Capitol Hill and told the Senators’ offices that they had to pull the plug…the snoring was getting too loud.

Actually, there were a few things that came out of the Comey testimony. First of all, Donald Trump, while not the smoothest cat to hold sway in the White House, “cleared the room” a couple of times to talk to Comey about the Flynn debacle, and to ask if he was under investigation for anything to do with Russia. Comey had told him three times that he wasn’t under investigation, but some of his staff were. Trump didn’t seem to mind about that.

Even Hardball’s Chris Matthews said plain and simple that the collusion that Democrats wanted between Donald Trump and the Russians, in his words, “came apart”. It wasn’t there. So while maybe Russia did hack into a few election systems, the President of the United States wasn’t involved, and there continues to be no shred of evidence to the contrary. Game over for the Dems.

Comey did drop two bombs on the Senate Intelligence Committee. The first was that HE was the one that actually leaked stories to the New York Times by giving the stories to a friend of his, a law professor from New York. And then he topped it, when asked about former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and her tarmac visit with Bill Clinton during the campaign, Comey admitted to the Senators that yes, Lynch had indeed interfered with the election, probably in ways the Russians couldn’t have imagined when she met with Bill Clinton. And of course, that gave the Republicans more ammunition than the Dems could ever have extracted from Comey.

The overall deal is this. Comey had a bad day. Trump had a good day going until his attorney came out (Trump actually stayed silent), and all but called Comey a liar for his testimony. That kind of spun some bad mojo into the president’s mood…and it should of. He should have left well enough alone, but we are learning that is NOT the way Donald Trump works. Overall, Democrats can’t do a damn thing on trying to impeach Trump for obstruction of justice because he was rather careful with the words he used when talking to Comey. And Comey made some rather stupid moves as well…telling newly appointed AG Jeff Sessions that he didn’t want to be left alone with Trump, and then having to admit to the panel yesterday that he took several calls from Trump. He was at a loss when asked what the difference was between being in a room alone with the president, and talking to him alone in a room on the phone.

Overall, it was a snooze fest. Nothing will happen to Loretta Lynch (though it probably should). Nothing will happen to Donald Trump. And frankly, nothing will happen to Mike Flynn. Basically, everyone involved in anything Comey testified with yesterday will skate free and clear in this thing. Which is a good thing. Maybe we can forget all this name-calling nonsense and these guys and gals can actually do what we hired them to do…repeal Obamacare, fix the immigration problem, and reform the tax code. We can only wish!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!



  1. I’m not sure where you’re getting your info from. I checked out CNN and MSNBC for brief moments that day (that’s all I can tolerate) and they said there were no bombshells. They insist that Trump is STILL being investigated, Comey is a saint, and that “I hope” translates to definite obstruction of justice charges – or worse! Now I don’t know who to believe. Thanks. LOL

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