What Other Democrats Are Saying About Hillary

So I had a two-parter earlier this week talking about “Getting Ready For Hillary version 3.0”, and basically it had to do with her rants that she’s been making. It IS enough to make you sick, and apparently I, as a conservative, am not the only one thinking that. Now Democrats from former Obama administration officials to former Clinton campaign folks are wishing the two-time presidential candidate would just go away.

Most of them are saying that she is doing no good for the Democrats, and I’d be inclined to agree with them. Most of them are saying she’s blaming everyone but herself for her loss, and that isn’t good for the party, especially when she’s blaming the party for the loss. And I would also agree with that. It’s very difficult for a party to get past a tough election loss (on either side of the aisle) when your standard bearer is out there screaming how it was James Comey, or it was the Russians, or it was the DNC, or it was misogyny.

The Democrats that are talking are saying it’s time to let another standard bearer come to the forefront and take over the reins of the party. It’s time for someone else to lead the party in a different direction, so that the party can pick up the pieces of a shattering loss, and move on, hopefully to pick up a few House seats or Senate seats in November of 2018. Instead, all they are hearing are excuses…and the rumors that we talked about earlier about how Hillary is still very angry with the loss and still wants to run again in 2020. And as I have said, she may want to run, but logic says she isn’t going to win. That ship has sailed and there are others that are going to be a much more attractive choice for the left-of-center-crowd.

No, Hillary does need to leave the playing field. And I understand, she didn’t want to leave it this way…as a two time loser. But that’s the hand that she was dealt. She lost the election fair and square, and while the people in California and New York made sure that she had more popular votes than Donald Trump, those two states don’t carry the day when it comes to electoral votes. And like it or not, that’s how we elect people in this country. It’s hurt and helped both sides over the years. Right now, it helps the Republicans and hurts the Dems, but that will change eventually…it always does.

Hillary, let someone else take the lead. Go back into the woods and take those long walks. Open another bottle of Chardonnay, and get your health back. You need to spend more time with your grandkids than you are doing. You need to stop blaming the world for your loss and be an upstanding, but silent member of your party. You need to take a cue from Bobo Obama…lead from behind!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “What Other Democrats Are Saying About Hillary

  1. I think she’s incapable of letting it go. She’s bought into her own BS years ago and nothing will change that. Years from now, she’ll be a case study in psychological manuals about the anatomy of a political implosion. I don’t think we’ve seen the full crazy yet. Yikes!

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