So Who Should REALLY Be Heading To Jail?

Let me try and be apolitical for a moment. Okay…stop laughing. I said I would TRY. Let’s look at what we know for a minute, what the actual facts are, and let’s decide whether or not certain people should actually be thrown in jail for their actions.

First off, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, Donald Trump. The word from the Democrats is that he either colluded with the Russians on the election, throwing it to himself with the Russians’ help, or that at the very least, he obstructed justice when he told James Comey to “he hoped this thing with Michael Flynn was over. He’s been treated so badly”. Well, “hoping” the thing with Flynn is over isn’t telling the FBI to stop investigating…by Comey’s own admission. And Trump never told the FBI to stop investigating Flynn. And Trump never told the FBI to stop investing the Russia alleged interference either. He was relieved (as we all probably would be) to find out he wasn’t the target of any investigation, but that if his “satellites”, his minions like Paul Manafort were involved, then go after them. There still today hasn’t been a shred of evidence shown to have included the president in this whole sordid affair.

OK, so we can at least for the moment list Trump as having made some bad decisions, but nothing illegal.

Moving on. Let’s talk about Hillary Clinton. She has lied to Congress during her testimony. She has broken federal laws by using a home-brew server (which is more than Colin Powell ever did…he used a private email service…not his own server). And she consistently has tried to cover up the fact that what she did was illegal. How about Hillary in orange? Well, I doubt it would ever happen because the left would go bananas, even though they really want her to disappear and leave the national stage altogether after two humiliating losses. But should she be in jail? Well, if you or I did what she did, would WE be in jail? The answer is yes. She should be in jail. Even James Comey has said in his testimony Thursday yesterday (which had nothing to do with why he was there in the first place), that Hillary WAS in fact breaking the law. She should be in jail.

Finally, let’s look at the new player that came up at Thursday’s hearing…Loretta Lynch. The former Attorney General made headlines without ever saying a word (and I doubt she wanted to be mentioned at all) when Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he felt that what she did when she met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix was certainly influential and political in nature if not downright illegal and was a major point in his deciding to make his public statements on Hillary’s case. Now, I’m not saying Comey was right in saying what he said when he said it (either time), but I will say it that Loretta Lynch was a blooming idiot for even considering meeting with the husband of a presidential candidate under investigation! And Lynch compounded the problem by telling Comey not to refer to it as an investigation, but as something less…to downplay it in order to help Hillary out when she was out on the campaign trail telling the world she wasn’t under investigation, that it was a “security review”. It was no security review. That in and of itself obstructed justice more than what Donald Trump did and said with James Comey.

End result? Two members of the Obama administration, Clinton and Lynch should be in orange. Trump? He made some terrible decisions, granted, but no one can prove that he has done anything illegal.

Now, can we PLEASE get back to work in Washington and get rid of Obamacare? My COBRA expires in less than a year!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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