Bernie’s “People’s Party”

When it comes right down to it, I think Bernie Sanders is out to ruin the Democrats. Now, I know that seems like a stretch, but stay with me for a minute on this one. Sanders, who really should have been the Dems nominee for president this past year, and got screwed out of the position by Little Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC who threw the nomination to Hillary, supported her over Trump in the general. That would make you think that all is right in Bernie’s world, right? Apparently not.

Sanders has been on a mission to make the Democrats a LOT more socialist. And so far it hasn’t been working. But yesterday, he decided to up the ante. So he’s going to start something called the “People’s Party”, and they want to have candidates in all 50 states in time for next year’s House and Senate elections. They want to field a candidate for the 2020 presidential elections, and they want to win local and statewide seats as well. Sanders was quick to point out that over 1,000 seats have switched from Democrat to Republican in the past eight years, which is true. Most of it obviously, was at the statewide level. 13 governorships have switched parties. And, as Sanders points out, in a lot of states that used to be blue, the Dems are having a hard time coming up with any candidates at all.

Democrats seem to have been wandering around in the desert since their loss in November. They’re leaderless, they’re rudderless, and they have no voice or message except to “hate Trump”, and “resist”. Now, that’s cute and funny when you consider all the crap Trump took after that one debate when he wouldn’t agree to the results of the election right away…remember how he said, “We’ll have to see what happens.”? My, how Hillary pounced on that one! And now, who’s the one that has the problem accepting the defeat?

Sanders is hoping to cash in on his “free college for all, and we’re going to burn your student loans!” message. It resonates with college students, certainly. But he doesn’t have a plan on how to pay for it (liberals never do). What Sanders is saying about the Dems is true, but what he’s not saying speaks volumes. Let’s just say that he’s able to start a third party, which has been tried several times throughout history, and all of them have petered out at some point. Who is he going to hurt more? Democrats who have taken a hard left turn politically, or Republicans who are more moderate than the Tea Party is, but certainly more conservative than Dems. Of course, it’s the Dems. IF this People Party idea catches on, it basically splits the Democrats and you won’t see another Dem elected to dog catcher in your town, much less congress or the White House. And that’s the dirty little secret that Bernie Sanders knows that he’s not saying. Talk about holding a grudge!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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