Sessions Deflates Dems’ Balloon

I know the Democrats were hoping that when Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this week that they would find some smoking gun somewhere. Either it would be in his involvement with talking to some Russian diplomat, or that the firing of former FBI Director, James Comey would come up and an obstruction of justice charged would flash in their faces…something…ANYTHING to get Donald J. Trump out of the White House.

It didn’t happen.

What did happen basically was a dressing down from the former senator. He basically told the Democrats on the committee that he was appalled at their behavior of accusing him of wrong doing after he has had a stellar career in public service, and was totally unscathed until he took over as AG. He went on to say that basically this crap has to stop. And you know, Jeff Sessions is right.

Yes, Sessions was the first guy to get on Donald Trump’s bandwagon over a year ago…and yes, Jeff Sessions is a smart guy. And yes, you may think because of his relationship to Trump that there was some behind the scenes deals that a neophyte politician would stumble into. The Democrats are missing one thing though. Donald Trump is not a stupid man. He’s actually quite intelligent, getting an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, which I would hazard a guess, gives him a greater education than most of us have ever had (unless you can boast that you went to Harvard???).

Sessions’ testimony did one thing. It popped the Dems’ balloon. They have nowhere to legitimately go in investigating Trump at this point. Oh, I know they are going to try. They aren’t going to stop just because of this. But they haven’t produced a single shred of evidence that Trump or anybody in his campaign has done anything wrong. You’d figure that the FBI investigating this mess for over a year would have come up with something…with ANYTHING by now. Hell, they came up with much, much more in the Hillary Clinton email server scandal long before this, and they let her slide!

Democrats need to get over this crap about being so damn partisan. Yeah, they say that the GOP did it to Obama, I hear that, but not to the extent that they are doing it. And that is the modus operandi of the Dems…always take everything too far. They never know when to stop. Look at their programs. They expand and expand them until they bankrupt the country. Nothing is ever enough with them. And this is the same way.

The only thing to do at this point is bury this entire investigation on both sides. Did Russia involve themselves somehow in the election? Probably. But guess what? The United States doesn’t have the cleanest hands in the world when it comes to interfering in other countries elections either. And that being the case, shut the damn door, get back to doing what you should be doing, which is repealing Obamacare once and for all, re-writing the tax code so nobody needs a CPA to file income taxes, and build the damn wall on the southern border to fix the immigration problem. Until then, you folks in DC are NOT doing the people’s business. And that’s what we are paying you to do.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!