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From time to time, we veer off of the political rants around here and delve into what I did as a career… media. And so today, we’re going to kind of meld the two topics together because Megyn Kelly, the former blonde bombshell of Fox News that decided to pull up stakes before she was fired and head over to NBC for mega bucks, is in trouble already at her new address.

The issue was an interview Kelly did with Alex Jones, the radio show host who proclaims that the school shooting at Sandy Hook was a hoax. Now, anybody with half a brain knows that what happened at Sandy Hook was no hoax but a terrible, terrible tragedy. And I think if you happened to do a deep psychological probe of Alex Jones’ mind, you’d find that he probably would feel that way too.

Yet, Megyn Kelly’s attempt at “blockbuster, must-see Sunday night TV” is coming up short. Way short. Kelly, who had a brief stint of glory this past election season sitting next to Brett Baier as co-host of a couple of debates, and instigator of Donald Trump, is finding that the public is getting tired of her already. So much so that NBC actually spent most of Wednesday arguing whether or not to pull the scheduled interview with Jones and Kelly from her newly minted Sunday night show. As I write this, they have decided to air the interview, but it’s one of those things that are drawing more ire before it airs than during or after…kind of like when Geraldo opened Al Capone’s vault. Remember that fiasco?

The program has already been called a bust by several not only in the media who report on the media, but by viewers across the country. And that’s before the Jones interview takes place. There’s a very simple reason for that. When a “journalist” and I do mean to put that in quotes, puts herself above the story, and becomes the story, then that person is no longer a journalist, but an information seeking whore. I would, at this point put Megyn Kelly right up there with Geraldo Rivera. He used to be a really good reporter until HE became the story. Then it was all about him, not the stories he covered. That’s exactly what is happening to Megyn Kelly. It’s all about the headlines she can get her name squeezed into, and nothing about the stories she is covering.

The sad part is, Kelly herself is the problem. And NBC, which has invested millions in her without really knowing how they were going to use her has the problem now of how to shut her up. She was tough to control at Fox, and it seems only Roger Ailes could do that correctly. Once he was out of the picture, it was obvious that the network wasn’t big enough to hold her massive ego. The one part Kelly does get right? When she says, “As you know, journalists don’t get the choice over who has power or influence in our country.”

But she’s trying awfully damn hard to prove herself wrong!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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