Has Al Gore Totally Lost It?

Former Vice President Al Gore may have seen the light. Or he may have just hit on another fallacy when it comes to global change warming climate. In an interview with Interview Magazine recently, Gore said that the reason he’s been so fervent on the climate change train is that God told him to go forth and fight global warming. I guess God didn’t say anything about expanding your carbon footprint to the size of a small country in the process. Maybe that was Gore’s idea?

Now, I will say that Gore isn’t completely off base on what he says about God’s desires (at least the best we can determine…I seriously doubt any of us have actually had a two-way conversation with God regarding climate change) for us as humans. We are, after all, shepherds of the world God gave us to live in, and we need to treat it accordingly. On that, I would agree with Gore. And no, we as humans don’t need to go out and pollute just because we can. We do indeed need to take care of the world we were given to live in.

However, that being said, Gore misses the point that it is more than quite possible, it is absolutely probable that the climate changes because that is what in fact climate does. And while cutting down on pollution is certainly not a bad thing, and something we should all strive to do, we have to also realize that the two things aren’t necessarily tied together. I know what “scientists” say, especially those still getting paid by the governments of the world for going along with the theory that we are the ones causing the temperature to rise….er….fall…er…what is it doing this week?

Look, I don’t begrudge anybody the shot at making this a better place to live. I never have. I begrudge that first of all, there is no proof that mankind is the main reason this stuff is happening. It’s been happening for millions of years before we came along. And my hunch is (not scientifically based by the way) that it will continue to happen for millions of years after we’re gone, until the sun expands and encompasses the planet. But to go out there and say that God would create a world that couldn’t take care of itself doesn’t say much about your thoughts of God. And somehow, knowing the frailties of man, I doubt God would have given us a planet to live on that would have required such careful scrutiny to maintain life.

No, this is just another in the long line of Al Gore excuses on why we need to give up freedom, power, and money to the government. That is the only thing this is about. Maybe it’s my distrust of Al Gore, and liberals that think that government is the answer to everything when the plain fact is government screws up more than they get it right. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve seen some of the marvels the earth can accomplish on its own without man, and frankly, I’ve seen the destructive power and the healing power it has. Man can’t begin to come close to that power, and needs to realize it. And no one anywhere has ever been able to give a credible explanation on how we can go through an Ice Age, and come out the other side a better place, without man’s involvement in the whole issue. Climate change? Yup. That’s what climate does. Maybe God had that one figured out correctly too!?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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