Dem’s Losses In “Special Trump Referendums” Sting…Show Truth

I don’t usually agree with those “news channel pundits” you see on the cable news network’s primarily because I think they suffer from “Beltway Haze”. They can’t see the REAL picture very well. But in fairness, I think they nailed the explanation of what was going to be a massive Democrat celebration yesterday. Instead, Dems turned the other cheek and started talking about everything except special elections.

After having dropped $50 million total on this election by both sides, Democrats were certain they could flip the seat Tom Price held in the Georgia 6th Congressional District. They had a Cali implant who didn’t even live in the district running against Karen Handel. She beat him after he and the Dems threw over $30 million at the race…and got nothing to show for it. Oh, they made it SOUND like it was no big deal… it was a GOP seat after all. But then why in the world if it wasn’t a big deal did they throw that type of money at it? The answer? They made it a referendum on Donald Trump…just like they had done in Kansas, Montana, and South Carolina. And in all, the Democrats lost all four “replacement special elections”. Those were elections that filled the seats of people Trump named to his cabinet.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, the Democrats are looking to take over the House of Representatives for one special reason in 2018. They want to impeach Donald Trump on anything they can. They know if they can flip the House, they can try to do it (though it’s doubtful they’d be able to win enough seats in the Senate to convict him). The Dems are making the same mistake that The Republicans made when they impeached Bill Clinton (on much more of an issue!).

Here’s the real problem. It isn’t about Trump or his election anymore, and the snowflakes running the left fail to see that. They keep saying they aren’t getting their message out, but that’s not what the problem is. After spending $30 million on ONE House race, if you can’t get your message out, you need to have your head examined. No, the snowflakes’ problem is they don’t HAVE a message. “Resist” is not a message voters are going to be motivated to vote for. Neither is hate, neither is rage. But these people are so hung up on losing an election they should have lost in the first place that they can’t see straight.

So, Democrats are 0-4 in special House elections this year. They have a couple more coming up. On August 15th in Utah, Jason Chaffetz, who is retiring from the House, will be holding a House election, and on the same day in Alabama, there will be a special election to replace Attorney General, Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat. I would hazard a guess that Dems will fight both of those as hard as they did with Karen Handel’s race, and they will lose a LOT more money in each case. Both Alabama and Utah are VERY red states and I doubt all the money in the world will make the difference there.

If I could give a word of advice to our snowflakes in the audience. Don’t spend money on races that you can’t win, just to try and show the world that nobody likes Donald Trump. It hasn’t worked in the four times you tried it, it won’t work in August. Of course, if you want to keep throwing money down the toilet, why not do yourself a favor. Instead of flushing, fish that money out and send it here to the desert. I could use a new Maserati!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    All the snowflakes need do, is take the thumb out of their mouth, and start stepping to the right, just a little bit. That’s it. Growing up, and maturing. Otherwise, it will be a very long four years for them.

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