Still Not Accepting Any Blame

While the Democrats have unveiled “The Better Deal”, trying to get the American public back on board and right itself after a nearly tanking of the party due to Hillary Clinton’s debacle as a presidential candidate, Clinton herself has a problem with the whole “Better Deal” scenario. In her world, it wasn’t the fact that she was the worst candidate in American political history. It wasn’t the fact that she didn’t even try to get the Dems’ message out to the public. She’s still clinging to the old, tired, adage that it was the Russians, James Comey, and the fact that we Americans are so misogynistic that we don’t want a woman to become president.

As if we needed to hear any further ramblings from the Clinton clan on anything ever again, Hillary is going to hit us up with yet another book. This one, due out in September, was written because Hillary “wants to put the story out there”. It’s not like we haven’t heard that song played over and over and over again! I think the name of the book is going to be something like, “I TOLD You I Wasn’t To Blame!” or some such nonsense.

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer, whom you know I NEVER agree with, was dead nuts on when he said, “When you lose to somebody with 40% popularity, you don’t blame other things…Comey, Russia. You blame yourself.” He’s right. But the ego inside Hillary’s head isn’t going to let her forget that she was an absolute waste of a candidacy, and the Democrats would have been better to have had Snoopy running for president. Hell, Snoopy may actually have won!

So, the Democrats are going to be at a crossroads very soon. You’ve got the old guard, like Hillary that says it was James Comey and the Russians that were to blame for her losing. You’ve got the older guard, in Bernie Sanders who say it was because he wasn’t taken seriously as a candidate until it was too late and the DNC decided to throw the nomination to Hillary and that he could have beaten Trump. And then you’ve got the Smilin’ Guard in Joe Biden who said he never thought Hillary Clinton was a very good candidate…that HE was the good candidate (but fails to mention HE decided not to run).

The problem once again is the Democrats have the same old players and the same old playbook out there. You’ve got people that have been in the leadership roles in Congress for far too long spewing the same old garbage about it’s the corporations in America that are keeping the average Joe down. They want to regulate the corporations more, so they can bring them back into control. After all, even if they do make the economy spin and work great, they are the ones that have the wage gaps between the CEO’s that have those fancy MBA degrees, and the high school drop outs on the line making minimum wage.

But when given the choice between Schumer and Biden’s message and the crap Hillary threw out during the election, it’ll be nice to take Schumer and Biden over Clinton any day. At least then we are talking about issues and not who is going to hell faster…me or the other guy!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Rand Paul Has A Point!

I think on most issues, Rand Paul makes a good argument. Oh, I don’t subscribe to the whole libertarian view on everything…like as long as you’re not hurting other human beings you should be allowed to do what you want to do. That’s going too far, but I do believe he’s got his finger on the pulse when it comes to healthcare. After all, the guy IS an eye surgeon.

So when Rand Paul jumped on board the repeal (and not replace) of Obamacare this past Tuesday in the procedural vote in the Senate, I was happy to see it. He has the statistics to back it up too. He wrote a very nice piece in Breitbart that you probably should go and read. Basically it says that individual healthcare insurance rates have doubled since Obamacare came into effect. We’ve lost almost a million jobs because of Obamacare…because of the fact if an employer hires more than 50 people, he/she has to provide healthcare, and a lot of smaller companies just stopped hiring at 49, or moved people to part-time status so they wouldn’t have to worry about providing healthcare. We have wasted a trillion dollars on something that just doesn’t work, and as he points out, in his state of Kentucky, people making less than $25,000 a year are paying fines to the federal government because they can’t afford the Obamacare premiums.

Here in the desert, we have one choice this year for Obamacare. It’s hugely expensive, and in order to find a doctor, we’d have to drive about an hour away. Going to a hospital is rougher. That’s about a 90 minute drive to find one that would take the crappy insurance that’s being offered. And I’ve heard from a couple of sources that we may not even have that choice next year. And they call this “affordable care”?

Paul is right when he says you need to repeal Obamacare period. We need to open up the market to make it more competitive and drive prices down, not less competitive as Obamacare does. When you are able to cross state lines to buy insurance, you are able to choose from a wider range of carriers and a wider range of plans. When you take idiotic additions to policies off the table like making men buy pregnancy insurance, you are going to lower the costs. And you can still keep the one or two good things Obamacare does.

You can still keep the exemption on pre-existing conditions, which was totally unfair to begin with. If I changed jobs, and had a pre-existing condition, it was covered. If I went to an individual policy, it’s not. What’s the sense in that? And you can still keep under 26 year old living in the basement clause. That’s fine too. What’s not fine is to saddle the American public with a plan so riddled with holes and so expensive it doesn’t do anything that it set out to do. It was itself an abortion from the word go!

Rand Paul is right. Obamacare needs to be taken out back and shot. Today.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed.

McCain Is NO HERO!

I must say today that I am disappointed in John McCain. And I must also apologize to the rest of the country for the behavior of the senior senator from my state. He is no hero. Not after the stunt he pulled Thursday night by casting the deciding vote to kill what was known as the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare. It would have gone a long way toward fixing our healthcare system that is incredibly broken because of Obamacare. Now, we languish. Now, we as Americans suffer. In fact, our fate is worse than socialized medicine, and we have all but accepted the fact that in a relatively short time, we will have socialized medicine. The left has won. The right has no cajones, and has no right to call themselves the majority in congress.

I am saddened today because John McCain, who made such a triumphant return to the floor of the Senate after his diagnosis of brain cancer, couldn’t come up with a better explanation for his about face on repeal. To be honest, “bipartisanship” is an outdated reason that doesn’t exist anymore. Are you telling me that Democrats have any desire to be “bipartisan”? The answer is a resounding “NO!” And so, this former POW that is now on death’s door, couldn’t go along with his party, and what the people in Arizona wanted him to do. Instead he had to be the lone cowboy to bury healthcare reform once and for all. And he wonders why he couldn’t beat Barack Obama for the White House?

The Republican party pretty much stood up and was counted for the skinny repeal measure. Only Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and McCain were standing in the way. And while I sincerely doubt McCain could get reelected out here if he were to run again, Murkowski and Collins will have a difficult time when they have to run again up the road. I think one is up for reelection in 2020 and the other in 2024, but I’m not certain on that.

Instead, the GOP has come away with seven months of work and have nothing to show for it. And what happens to Obamacare? It will die on its own accord. It will become bloated and top heavy, and will take too much money to fix, and will fall apart. And now the Republicans will be to blame for it. They had the chance to fix this, and they blew it. They had the chance to at the very least do away with the medical device tax, the employer mandate, and the individual mandate that would have toppled the rest of the bill on its own. Instead, the squandered an opportunity, and have shown not just the nation, but the world why America is losing its position as a world power. We can’t do the right thing anymore. Instead, we are bound and determined to be like Europe. And it’s sad to see this great country felled by a doddering old fool.

So, I apologize America. I apologize for this idiot that couldn’t vote the right way on this, and for not voting for the worst reason possible. Where was the “bipartisanship” when the left passed this without including the Republicans at all in any discussion, in any vote, in anything? Why do they deserve bipartisanship now? Sad…truly sad!

Carry on world…we are all dismissed!

Our “Do Nothing” Congress

Have we as a nation reached a point where our elected leaders are afraid to do anything? I’m beginning to think that’s the case, and has been for some time. We The People are just getting around to seeing it. And I’m not talking one side of the aisle or the other here. I’m talking both sides. Let me explain.

Over the past eight years, when Obama was in the White House, and Harry Reid ran the Senate for much of the time, the Senate never ever passed one budget…which is their fiscal duty to do every year. The reason? They weren’t going to saddle Obama with spending limits that he didn’t want. They basically passed continuing resolutions over and over again, and would fund things individually anytime they wanted to. But as far as actually doing something big? The last “big thing” the US Senate did was Obamacare back in 2009.

It hasn’t changed. The Republicans railed against Obamacare since its passage. It has never been a popular bill in the country, and even today, seven years later, it struggles to get to 50% acceptance. The GOP ran for the House and the Senate saying they needed the majority in order to repeal Obamacare. That got them the House in 2010’s election, and added the Senate four years later. Both victories came on the promise to repeal Obamacare (which was later amended to “repeal and replace”). So, since that time, the GOP has had a very aggressive agenda. They wanted to take care of healthcare, tax reform, and immigration reform this year alone. That was a big bite to take, and it looks like they may not get any of it accomplished.

And that leads to the problem in Washington. It’s not the Democrats. It’s not the Republicans. It’s both parties. They are afraid to change the status quo regardless what it is. They realize that if they do what has been promised, the folks in DC all lose power and influence, and for most of them, that’s why they are there.

It’s time for the elected people in Washington, the people that WE employ, to put their own feelings aside and do what they have promised us they wanted to do. There is no excuse for Republicans not voting for the repeal of Obamacare. I don’t care if they EVER replace it. Go back to what we had. 95% of Americans didn’t feel anything in the insurance industry was very broken anyway. And since when do we pass laws and change everybody’s life for 5%? Yeah…that’s what I thought.

Do you really think the GOP has the cuervos to pass a tax reform bill that the voters are going to like? Do you really think the GOP is going to follow that up with passing an immigration reform bill that solves the immigration woes of this country? I frankly don’t think they have it in them to pass a budget, much less a debt ceiling increase. You’ve got people like Susan Collins, Rand Paul, and Lisa Murkowski sitting in the Senate that aren’t team players…they are just happy to get some attention. And they all need to be thrown on the garbage heap and tossed out of DC. You are either on the team or you are against the team in these cases. Either they start working and doing the jobs we elected them to do, or maybe we need to re-write the constitution so it’s not so cushy to become a Representative or Senator any longer!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Whole “Trump Scandal” Thing

It’s tough to try and be fair in an extremely partisan world…and that’s where I find myself. For instance, let’s take the Russian so-called “involvement in the presidential elections”. Now, most people in DC will tell you that Russia did indeed hack into some systems, but had nothing to do with the outcome of the election. Others will try and tell you that they colluded in some way or fashion with either Donald Jr. or possibly Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law. The people making those observations have no proof and haven’t given any. In fact, since the Dems rolled out their new “The Better Deal” earlier this week, they pretty much have put the whole Russia thing to bed. So apparently, the Trump/Russia connection was only a scandal in the Democrats’ mind.

And while we are at that for a second, let’s go back to the 1960’s shall we? Didn’t the CIA get itself involved in several South American countries’ elections? Didn’t the CIA help overthrow several South American countries’ leaders and replace them with people we thought would be friendlier to the United States? Yeah…I thought so. So this whole thing of Russia interfering in other countries’ elections really isn’t anything new…we’ve been doing it for decades.

While we are talking about foreign influence with elections, let’s talk about the people pointing the fingers. That would be congress. And that most people in congress that take credit cards on their websites for donation purposes don’t have the simplest credit card security measures in place to insure that foreigners can’t make donations. 211 Democrats in congress fail to have the “Card Verification Value” (CVV) software attached to their credit card acceptance. By comparison, only 24 members of the GOP don’t have CVV on their websites. So, while we are talking about foreign influence…let’s point some fingers at the 211 folks that are screaming the loudest, shall we?

So, let’s move on to the latest scandal, shall we. Now we switch sides. Trump himself has accused the left of voter fraud, saying that he probably won the popular vote as well as the electoral vote, but voter fraud was heavily weighted in Clinton’s favor. Also, this isn’t true. While the non-partisan Government Accountability Institute (GAI) has been studying this, and yes, they’ve found cases of “double-voting” which constitutes as voter fraud, it apparently isn’t anywhere near the 1.3 million votes Trump would need to overtake Clinton popular vote lead. In fact, the GAI found a total of 8,471 cases of double-voting. Now, while that would have been enough to have tilted the 2000 Bush/Gore election one way or another, it wasn’t enough this time around.

I sincerely doubt that anything under the sun can be done to get rid of scandals in Washington, DC. There is too much money, too much power, too much influence at stake for things to be done the “right way”. Trump was quoted at the Boy Scout Jamboree as saying that DC wasn’t a swamp, but more like a sewer, and I think he’s probably right. It’s probably one of the most corrupt places on earth. How to change it? Simple. Everyone leaves, you disallow any lobbying of any sort, and you take money out of the campaign equation. You run for congress, you get so much airtime, yard signs, billboards, period. When it’s gone, it’s gone. And everybody gets the same amount regardless if they are incumbent or some shlub running on the “Kiss Your Dog” ticket. You limit their terms to two terms, so they can’t amass a power base, and you pay them their living expenses by making every one of them live in dorm-style housing while serving. They eat in cafeterias serving high school style food, and they aren’t allowed to go out to eat while serving. You want to make it so there isn’t corruption in DC? That would be the place to start!

Let’s stop talking about scandals that don’t exist, and even some that do, and get these idiots back to doing the job they were elected to do…and I’m talking about both sides of the aisle!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dems’ “New” Agenda

Congratulations to the Democrats! Someone in that party FINALLY realized that the November, 2016 election is over and they got swamped. It wasn’t because of the Russians (which most Americans didn’t believe anyway). It wasn’t because of James Comey (which only Hillary is still talking about). And it wasn’t about the Electoral College voting for Trump when Hillary won the popular vote (everybody gets that). It was something much different.

It was simply because they had no message getting through to the voters.

So, the Democrats have FINALLY come out with a new plan. They are going to “rebrand” themselves, and while they are still going to be harping against something, at least it isn’t Russia, or Trump, or Comey. It’s going to be corporate America.

Yup. The reason you’re not succeeding as much as you’d like has nothing to do with the fact that under Bobo Obama, the economy didn’t grow, and the only real jobs that ticked up were fast food and service jobs that paid minimum wages. It’s simply because corporate America has too much power. They are the ones to blame. Forget the fact that for seven of the eight years Obama was in office, congress never passed a budget. Forget the fact that Obama tripled the size of the federal debt in eight years. Forget the fact that corporate America is actually what makes the economy work.

Known as “The Better Deal”, Democrats are hoping Americans respond to pointing their collective fingers at “corporate America” and blaming the folks out there actually working and making money for the fact the economy sucks…or at least did under Obama. Personally, I think they’re going to have a hard time with that. While Dems can also tie Trump to the corporate America bandwagon because of his companies, they are going to have a very difficult time convincing voters that without as much power, the economy is going to be going faster. Especially when Trump got people voting for him by telling people he was going to do away with the tens of thousands of regulations that Obama put in place to slow economic growth to a crawl.

But what else do the snowflakes have to rail on? They really can’t run on their record. Under Obama, the economy sucked. Under Trump, it’s already taken off. In fact, if the job growth continues like it has in the first seven months, Trump will surpass Obama’s eight year job creation number in 18 months. You will have a very hard time arguing with success like that.

No, if the snowflake party wants to make inroads, they need to tell the world what they can do better than the Republicans, not point fingers at the economic engine of the country. They need to show why they are better leaders in Congress than the GOP, which so far this year, would be easy to do. IF they were to do that, they’d earn back a lot of the votes they lost in November. If they stick to this tired plan of blaming everyone but themselves for the messes they put us in (thanks, Obama!), we’re doomed to see more stagnation from Democrats, and more languishing economies. But isn’t that what all socialist countries strive for?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Will It Actually HAPPEN?

Today is the day that the United States Senate is SUPPOSED to take an up or down vote on repealing Obamacare. Notice I didn’t say, “repealing and replacing”. That’s because that part of the whole shebang is dead for now. Mitch McConnell has decided to try a straight repeal as a last ditch effort, put it off for two years while the Republicans write a new “replacement” bill, and then hopefully gain eight seats in the 2018 midterm elections. At least that’s the plan.

While I am fully in favor of the repealing part, I’m totally against the replacing part. There is no need to replace. It’s socialism. You don’t need socialized medicine in this country. Before Bobo The Clown decided to push this through eight years ago, and did so with no GOP support and a lot of deal making, there were folks that were uninsured and probably wanted insurance but couldn’t get it. Either they couldn’t afford it, or they had pre-existing conditions that hurt their chances of getting help. I get that. But the Democrats’ way of helping these three million people was to make three hundred and twenty five million people suffer. Where in the hell is the logic in that?

So, we have lived through seven years of this stuff…and everything that I have said would happen is indeed happening. I said way back when that Obamacare couldn’t survive on its own because it was too expensive and would eventually collapse under its own weight. That’s what is happening this year. Insurance companies are bailing faster than a leaky rowboat, and I don’t know about where you live, but here in the desert, there is ONE insurer to choose from. ONE plan to choose from. As I understand it (though I’m not 100% sure), back in my home state of Ohio, there are several counties where you don’t even have that…they are left with NO choice. No insurance company will take the individual marketplace risks.

What we need to do is go back to what we had before this humungous abortion became law. Then, if you want to reform healthcare, fine…do it responsibly, not the way the Dems did it or the way the Republicans are trying to do it. What you do is a) take away the state’s borders law that doesn’t allow sales across state lines. That makes the marketplace more competitive and will lower prices for all. Then you give the insured (that’s you and me) the ability to sue insurers if they fail to live up to their contracts (that is deny you coverage or drag their feet because they don’t want to pay a claim). Finally, if you want to keep the pre-existing condition clause, and the 25 year old in the basement clause, fine. Keep it. But do away with the fact that today, my wife needs to have insurance that covers any pregnancy even though she’s 60. In fact, I have to have that coverage as well (as a man!). How stupid can you get?

It’s time Washington stopped playing games. Will they do it? Last time I looked, there were 48 votes for repealing Obamacare. And two of the biggest opposition votes were coming from Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Susan Collins of Maine. Both of these women voted to repeal Obamacare in 2015 when it had no chance of passing. So why are they voting against it now? You’d have to ask them! All I can say is, I hope the GOP decides to primary the hell out of both of them when they run again! Pray the GOP has the strength to finally do something right, instead of screwing up everything they touch!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!