What Will Dems Do If AHCA Isn’t Passed?

The Republicans are getting zero help on trying to repeal Obamacare from the Democrats. I get that. After all, it was the only big thing congress passed the entire time Bobo was in office. God knows you can’t say they passed much on the budget! But what really happens if the GOP can’t put together a package that repeals or repeals and replaces Obamacare? What happens to the Democrats then, and what happens to healthcare then?

Well, let’s tackle the first question first. If the GOP can’t agree on something that actually gets rid of Obamacare, or plays with it enough that it isn’t anything like what it is today, then Obamacare is going to die on the vine. Everybody agrees with that. The money just isn’t there to keep a bad idea like this healthcare debacle going. And the GOP that rules both houses, certainly isn’t going to vote to put more money into it. So, Obamacare dies, whose fault is that? It’s the Democrats’ fault because they are the ones that put this thing together in the first place. THEY are the ones that created a plan so bad that it couldn’t last more than five years in practice.

Now, Elizabeth Warren is already out there crying that the next step for healthcare is that we need to go for single payer. And you’re already hearing that from the more liberal wing of the Snowflake party. That was the plan all along, so all she is doing is echoing the playbook that was written seven years ago. That isn’t going to fly any more than I can if I flap my arms hard enough. So, we can discount Warren’s suggestion as nothing more than a fantasy.

Let’s look at what happens to healthcare if the GOP can’t pass a repeal bill. Obamacare dies later this year. That means that for most people, nothing happens. Most people have their insurance through work. There are quite a few of the “22 million” people that the Democrats are crying will lose healthcare if Obamacare is dismantled that are on Medicaid. They actually don’t belong there because they are people that normally wouldn’t qualify for Medicaid…they make too much money. In fact, under Obamacare, you can make like 400% of the poverty level and qualify for Medicaid. Hell, my wife and I living comfortably on retirement would qualify without batting an eyelash! And we aren’t destitute by any stretch of the imagination.

So, five million folks on Medicaid that COULD afford insurance would lose the freebie. 14 million people that were forced to buy Obamacare that don’t want or need insurance would lose it, and they’d be ok with that. That leaves three million people that need it, want it, and would be unable to get it. Those are the people that lose out in this mess. That by the way is less than 1% of the population. And since when do we spend over $1 trillion on less than 1% of the population?

If Obamacare dies, all of the regulations, all of the taxes, all of the mandates die with it. It goes away. It IS repealed because there is no more money there to fund it. Also going away are the mandates that tell insurance companies if you don’t offer Obamacare, you can’t offer individual coverage in that state for 10 years. We basically go back to what we had before Obamacare. Would that be such a bad thing? And think of the money we’d save. The Senate is all excited about saving $320 billion over ten years. If Obamacare dies, it saves $1 Trillion plus over ten years. And those of us that are in the individual marketplace can get the insurance we want from ANY company…not just one small insurance company that makes you drive 2 hours to the closest hospital that accepts their insurance!

No, the GOP would be best to let Obamacare die on the vine. Kill it that way. Then we can ALL (except for the 3 million folks who were without insurance and wanted it before) can get back to life as normal. And by the way…your insurance rates and deductibles and co-pays would drop like a rock!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    The thing I find most odd, is that the US gives away so much in foreign aid, and other non-accountable things worth cash, but nobody in congress thinks to cut off the outside world and trillion of dollars could provide “free” or comprehensive care for all Americans, because the taxpayers already paid for it.

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