Random Thoughts On “Independence Day”

I’m proud to be an American. Even when that buffoon, Bobo Obama was in the White House, I was still proud to be an American. I just thought out voters were very misguided…and I’ve been proven right on that account since. Today, July 4, 2017, our 241st birthday as a nation, I’m even prouder. But there are some idle thoughts blowing through the ol’ brain like the tumbleweeds outside my door.

I’m tired of Democrats that do nothing but reach for the “nth degree” every time something doesn’t go their way. Case in point is this healthcare debate. All you’re hearing is how many people will die, how many people won’t be able to get healthcare. You’re not hearing about the 14 million people that will be saved because they don’t want (and never did) healthcare in the first place. You only hear about the 3 million people that will lose their insurance…and the 500 billion people that will die each year because of those mean Republicans. Let’s give it a rest, huh gang?

I’m tired of biased media. Sure, there’s freedom of the press, and as a former member of said group, I embrace that even today. But let’s stop with the friggin’ anti-Trump hate speech. Mika & Joe, you brought it on yourself. No, Trump wasn’t right for tweeting what he did, but you started it, and you are wrong…and also a little bat-crap crazy. Try playing journalists instead of right wing bashers. You’ll probably actually gain an audience and people will realize you actually have a cable news show!

I’m tired of tweets. Is there a way we can just blow the damn website up? I’m tired of Trump’s tweets, I’m tired of his detractors’ tweets, hell, I’m tired of MY tweets. Be done with it already!

Think of how great this nation has become in 241 years, and how far we’ve fallen in the last 10. We aren’t anywhere near as great as we were in George W. Bush’s first term, right after 9/11. We came together, as Americans do, in times to trouble. And since then, it’s been downhill. I feel like I live in the last days of the Roman Empire, living in Constantinople.

I often wonder what Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton would say about us today. These guys came from about as diametrically opposed views as you can get, and it’s my belief that both of them would look at the USA today, shake their heads, and roll over in their graves. They’d both wonder why we haven’t had at least one good revolution by now!

There is a part of me that fears for my grandkids. They are just starting to get to the age where they know what’s going on in the world, and I fear for them. What will their world be like in 50 years?

OK…enough fear and negativity. Get out there today, fire up that grill, get the hot dogs, steaks, chicken, hamburger, or whatever the hell else you’re having ready…pop open a cool one, haul out the bag of fireworks you bought illegally from two states over, and wait until I go to bed, then set them all off all night long. I’ve got nothing to do tomorrow but sleep!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!