CNN Cries Foul

I’m really amazed at the size of the cuervos that CNN is displaying recently. They have been caught faking news for over a year now. And by faking news, let’s be clear so there is no misunderstanding. They have been caught six times by my own count, and I’m sure I’m missing some stuff, that they have made up. That means they have manufactured stories that not only were false, or that they just misquoted someone, the stories never even existed in the first place. They were fantasy. They were fiction. News organizations by the way, are not supposed to publish or air fiction as the truth. That is wrong.

And now, CNN of all people are crying foul. They are upset that they’ve been caught. They are upset that three of their own reporters, producers, and journalists have been forced to resign because they were putting together stories on Russia and the Trump administration that had no basis in fact. In other words…they lied. They lied about who was involved…they lied about what happened…they lied about the whole affair. And that’s the same thing that has been going on under Jeff Zucker’s rule ever since Donald Trump announced he was running for president over a year ago.

It’s gotten so bad that AT&T, which is actually considering adding CNN to its stable of communications companies, has told Time Warner not to move forward with the purchase of CNN until “Zucker is neutralized”. That is never a good thing.

For any journalistic endeavor, be it print, radio, TV, magazine, or internet, to be so outed in such a blatant fashion that they are routinely giving false information, made up information as fact is astounding in my world. That whole channel and everybody that works there ought to be shut down. They have lost every shred of credibility that they ever had, and for people like Wolf Blitzer and Chris Cuomo to cry out that this is terrible and it has to stop now (they were talking about the bashing of CNN) is ridiculous. What needs to stop now is CNN from broadcasting.

You cannot be a news organization if nobody trusts you. And for far too long, the mainstream media has gotten away with publishing slanted, biased articles and news stories that may have had a shred of truth in them, but by the time they reached the public, they were so shrouded in innuendo and covered in left-wing ideology that they were nowhere near what they started out to be. Finally, someone, and in this case it happens to be the president of the United States, is calling them out. He is telling their reporters that he won’t answer their questions because they are fake news. He is seating them in the rear of the press conferences, and not calling on them. He is basically telling them, you want to play ball like this, you get shut out. He’s one step away from pulling their credentials, which is what he should do in the first place.

No, CNN is the 2017 version of ACORN. They need to go away. They need to be shut down as a lesson to all media, on both sides that if you can’t give the news in a fair and objective manner, you have no business giving the news at all.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!