Letting Trump Be Trump

There has been this HUGE brouhaha over Donald Trump tweeting about Mika and Joe on CNN, and whether he should do it; whether its presidential; whether she had a facelift; whether he needs to do something else with his time.

Well, I’ll wade into the argument today. First and foremost, does Trump have a right to tweet? Yes, absolutely. Just because you are president doesn’t mean you give up your first amendment rights to freedom of speech, and that includes HOW you speak, not just what you say. So, on that accord, he has every right to go around the mainstream media, who screw up his message anyway, and use something like Twitter to get his message direct to the public. It’s no different than Teddy Roosevelt using the “bully pulpit”, because the internet wasn’t around at the turn of the 20th century.

Second, was Trump right in attacking these two talking head buffoons on Twitter? That’s an entirely separate matter and the answer is no. I do agree with the pundits that he needs to be more “presidential” (whatever that is), and let this crap slide off his back. He is above all of this stuff, or at least should be. That is the gist of it. He needs to realize that these idiot snowflakes are pissed as hell that he beat their beloved criminal…er…candidate, Hillary Clinton, and that they will always feel he “stole” the election. Nothing in the world is going to change that, and nothing is going to stop them from trying to get him out of office. Small tasks for small minds. The people that waste their time and energy with this “resistance” movement need to realize that is exactly what they are doing…wasting their time. Live your damn lives, and don’t worry about Trump. If that’s the most important thing in your life, you need to get outside more often. And that goes for Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Schumer, and Maxine Waters as well. Stop trying to figure out HOW to get him out of office, and do your damn jobs!

Speaking of doing your damn jobs, I would also like to say that the selection of message topics in Trumps tweets are totally off base. Frankly, I don’t care who he likes or doesn’t like. It doesn’t matter to me, and it shouldn’t matter to anyone else either. I would MUCH prefer that he spend his precious tweeting time telling Americans why the Senate needs to pass the repeal of Obamacare. I would MUCH rather that he spend time on the campaign trail pushing to get this monstrosity of an abortion out of our lives before it crashes and burns and then you’ve got a HUGE mess on your hands that you know the Democrat snowflakes out there won’t take the blame for…even though it’s their doing, and they own it. Spend your time, Donald, talking about REAL issues. Stop the fake news crap. CNN already has lost all of their credibility, and they know it. Oh, they try and hide it, but they know they’ve been caught and the polls I’ve seen shows the American people know it as well and don’t trust media any farther than they can throw them. So, let’s get tweeting about something more important than some over-paid, under-talented media hack’s facelift, ok?

And with that, I say…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!